Nov 7, 2017

This Levi's Jacket Lets You Use Your Phone While You're on Your Bike!

Do you think there will be a demand for this kind of product?

The hassle about smartphones is that you can barely use them without looking right at the screen. There are no tactile cues for us to know if we're sending a text message or taking a photo, so we always need to look at the screen.

To solve this Levi's has partnered up with Google to create the "connected" jean jacket in the style of the classic Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket.

The jacket looks like a regular denim jacket. However, when you look at the cuff of the jacket, you'll see that it has a flexible snap tag. The tag is connected to gesture-sensing sensors called Jacquard Threads, and these threads wirelessly send signals to your phone.

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When you touch the sleeve of the jacket, you can do a host of different things like answer calls, change the volume of your music, or even getting directions. But don't worry, you can still wash the jacket safely when you remove the tag.

Sounds like a pretty useful piece of apparel, but only if you simply can't stop by the side of the road and just look at your phone. But if you absolutely must have the Commuter Trucker Jacket, it will set you back by 350 USD. Now you tell us if it's worth it.