Samsung Washing Machines & Dryers Price List in the Philippines December 2017

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Samsung WW60H5200EW/TC

Samsung WW60H5200EW/TC

  • Front Load
  • 6 kg
P30,399 - (4 Prices)
Samsung WD14F5K5ASG/TC

Samsung WD14F5K5ASG/TC

  • Front Load
  • 14kg Wash / 7kg Dry
P57,995 - (4 Prices)
Samsung WA70H4000SG/TC

Samsung WA70H4000SG/TC

  • Top Load
  • 7 kg
P11,895 - (5 Prices)
Samsung WA75H4200SW/TC

Samsung WA75H4200SW/TC

  • Top Load
  • 7.5 kg
P12,795 - (8 Prices)
Samsung WA65H4200SW/TC

Samsung WA65H4200SW/TC

  • Top Load
  • 6.5 kg
P10,995 - (7 Prices)
Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC

Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC

  • Front Load
  • 8.5 kg Washing + 6 kg Drying
P43,995 - (7 Prices)
Samsung WA10J5750SP/TC

Samsung WA10J5750SP/TC

  • Top Load
  • 10 kg
P24,895 - (5 Prices)
Samsung WT75H3200MG/TC

Samsung WT75H3200MG/TC

  • Twin Tub
  • 7.5 kg
P10,445 - (3 Prices)
Samsung WD10K6410OX/TC

Samsung WD10K6410OX/TC

  • Front Load
  • 10.5 kg Wash / 6 kg Dry
P49,995 - (3 Prices)
Samsung WA80J5730SW/TC

Samsung WA80J5730SW/TC

  • Top Load
  • 8.00 kg
P28,995 - (2 Prices)
Samsung WA11F5S5QWA/TC

Samsung WA11F5S5QWA/TC

  • Top Load
  • 11 kg
P35,749 - (2 Prices)
updated on Dec 13, 2017, 19:50

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Samsung Washing Machines & Dryers Price 2017

Latest Samsung Washing Machines & Dryers Price
Samsung WD10K6410OX/TC P49,995 -
Samsung WA10J5750SP/TC P24,895 -
Samsung WT75H3200MG/TC P10,445 -
Samsung WD85K5410OW/TC P43,995 -
Samsung WD14F5K5ASG/TC P57,995 -
Samsung WA80J5730SW/TC P28,995 -
Samsung WA75H4200SW/TC P12,795 -
Samsung WA65H4200SW/TC P10,995 -
Samsung WA70H4000SG/TC P11,895 -
Samsung WA60H4000SG/TC P10,195.75 -
Samsung WD10K6410OX/TC Samsung WD10K6410OX/TC

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Hi, Can you provide me a brand, and model that is Good for laundry business. Only for small laundry business Thanks

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About Samsung Washing Machines & Dryers

Impressive Performance and Newest Technology

Samsung might be more popular for its smartphones and other gadgets than its washing machines and dryers, but Samsung continues to grow its presence in the Philippine washing machine market by earning their place in many homes defeating the likes of LG, Panasonic, Sharp, and many other famous brands. Samsung offers the best quality washing machines and dryers at different price ranges so that people can choose what the best product is for them according to their budgets and needs.

Features of Samsung Washing Machine and Dryers

Samsung washing machines and dryers are universally quite feature-rich, with many extra programs and functionality to choose from. Samsung also allows a user to set some of its machines using a smartphone which can detect any problems the machine might be experiencing. In the Philippines, there is so many options that it becomes a difficult task to recognize which model that perfectly suits your necessity and budget. With varying levels of ability and price tags, a user can select a model among the famous ones and some of which are listed below.

Samsung WW60H5200EW/TC

This washing machine/dryer is truly a delightful model. This model has a diamond drum design and it has a Front Load with Eco Bubble Technology. It has a capacity of 6kg and has a Digital Inverter Motor which is brushless so it runs cooler and uses less energy than motors in conventional washing machines which makes it an efficient model.

Samsung WA60H4000SG

Another great functioning washing machine is this top-loading Samsung WA60H4000SG. It has a washing capacity of 6kg with a revolutionary Double Storm technology which means the clothes get spotlessly clean without the rough twisting and scraping of a classic washer. It also features a user-friendly and slick design that looks exceptionally stylish.

Samsung WD14F5K5ASG

This is a front load model that offers Eco Bubble technology that produces foam that rapidly activates detergents which simply eliminates the stain. It has a washing capacity of 14kg and drying capacity of 7kg. It has a Smart Check technology which can detect problems and gives easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone App. It is available in Onyx body color.

Samsung WA70H4000SG

This model is considered to be one of the best washing machine/dryers from Samsung. This model is fully automatic washing machine with a diamond tub design. The equipment has a capacity of 7kg with a spin speed of 700 rpm. It has a Dual Cluster Control Panel Display.

Samsung AddWash WW80K6414QW

This model is assessed as the first washing machine from Samsung with advanced AddWash feature and an app-based Smart Control. It also has a very frugal 1kwh of electricity. It comes with an 8kg drum capacity with a spin speed of 1400 rpm.

Reasons for popularity in the Philippines

Samsung Washing machines and dryers are considered to be a necessity in modern living because many people have already given up on hand washing and just use a washing machine to save time and energy as the Filipino people now are mostly busy due to work and other factors which make the washing machine an essential equipment needed by every Filipino family. Considering that the Samsung brand has a lot of models to choose from and it also a reliability and performance which is worth every penny.

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