Panasonic Washing Machines & Dryers Price List in the Philippines May 2018

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Panasonic NA-S756B

Panasonic NA-S756B

  • Single Tub
  • 7.5 kg
P4,949.10 - (13 Prices)
Panasonic NA-S526B

Panasonic NA-S526B

  • Single Tub
  • 5.2 kg
P3,419.10 - (18 Prices)
Panasonic NA-W7514B

Panasonic NA-W7514B

  • Twin Tub
  • 7.5 kg
P7,999 (1 Price)
Panasonic NA-F80A1

Panasonic NA-F80A1

  • Top Load
  • 8 kg
P15,840 - (2 Prices)
Panasonic NA-S586B

Panasonic NA-S586B

  • Single Tub
  • 5.8 kg
P3,799 - (21 Prices)
Panasonic NA-S686B

Panasonic NA-S686B

  • Single Tub
  • 6.8 kg
P4,399 - (10 Prices)
Panasonic NA-S606B

Panasonic NA-S606B

  • Single Tub
  • 6 kg
P4,418 - (2 Prices)
updated on May 20, 2018, 20:50

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Panasonic Washing Machines & Dryers Price 2018

Latest Panasonic Washing Machines & Dryers Price
Panasonic NA-F70S7 P10,999 -
Panasonic NA-F80A1 P15,840 -
Panasonic NA-W9514B P8,999 -
Panasonic NA-W8514B P7,999 -
Panasonic NA-W7514B P7,999
Panasonic NA-W10514B P9,999 -
Panasonic NA-S756B P4,949.10 -
Panasonic NA-S686B P4,399 -
Panasonic NA-S606B P4,418 -
Panasonic NA-S586B P3,799 -
Panasonic NA-F70S7 Panasonic NA-F70S7

Latest Reviews for Panasonic Washing Machines & Dryers

This washing machine has a good design because it is not so heavy to place it wherever i want and also it has a capacity of 9.5kg and also it works good for me because i have a lot of clothes it is ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Wubosong
  • Date : May 9, 2018

It performs good naman for me kasi naman twin tub na siya hindi ganun ka mahal at marami din naman akung lalabhan dito 8kg. din hindi na masama para sa akin and also wala din namang problema sa pag ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by monching CHI
  • Date : May 9, 2018

Twin tub na very worth para sa amin and para sa mama ko although dalawa lang kami mag-kapatid ang gusto ko bilihin mas malaki kaya ito yung binili ko isang labahan lang hindi ganun ka hassle mahusay ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by let let solis
  • Date : May 9, 2018

Latest Topics for Panasonic Washing Machines & Dryers

Nicko Ferreras Salazar

years of warranty

how many years warranty po?

  • Last updated : Jul 28, 2017
  • Posted by Nicko Ferreras Salazar
  • Replies of This topic : 2 Replies

About Panasonic Washing Machines & Dryers


Need the most important appliance in your laundry room? Panasonic is a renowned brand offering the best quality washing machines and dryers at a variety of range. To meet your day to day needs, this brand has come up with washing and drying combo that functions quickly saving much of your time.

Purchase Panasonic washing machines and dryers from its huge variety

Before you join the horde of customers for purchasing a washing machine randomly, you must consider checking the variety of models that Panasonic has in offer. Out of all, few of the most commonly accepted are NA-F70B3, NA-F80B3, NA-W7514B, NA-S526B.

1. Panasonic NA-F70B3:

This Panasonic model excels in its design technology. It has a Sazanami drum, the interior of which has dimple shaped water spouts to wash out all the dirt gently. It also offers the spin-drying performance of high quality. Also, the round edged dimples prevent clothes from getting caught. Here are the product highlights:

a. Up to 7 kg washing capacity

b. Water consumption: 107 liters

c. 720 spinning speed

d. Pulsator wash method

e. Top loading type

f. Eight wash programs

Filipinos have so far availed this model for its stunning technology, superior quality washing and drying performance for daily use.

2. Panasonic NA-F80B3:

Another great functioning laundry machine is this top loading Panasonic NA-F80B3. It has a washing capacity of 8 kg with a maximum spinning speed of 700 RPM. This machine is also equipped with the newest Sazanami drum, cassette lint filter, nine wash programs and child lock control. Here are the other specifications:

a. Water consumption: 148 liters

b. Aqua spin rinse cycle

c. Water level setting: 6

d. Advanced auto restart

e. Dimensions: 554 mm x 618 mm x 992 mm (W x D x H)

With all these advanced features, you can get this appliance at an affordable cost, worth paying of course.

3. Twin Tub NA-W7514B:

This Panasonic model has a washing capacity of 7.5 kg and consumes 310 wattages of power. It requires a power supply of 230 V. Other specifications include –

a. Dimension: 852 x 970 x 515 (W x H x D)

b. Spinner capacity: 5.5 kg

c. Power consumption by spinner: 85.47 W per hour

d. Colours: Aqua Blue and Emeraid Green

This machine has a good durability with its rust proof body, a unique rotating system using its bigger tub, and gives you 44% better performance. Add on to that; Panasonic Twin Tub NA-W7514B works 30 minutes faster saving much time.

4. Panasonic NA-S526B:

Need something at a lower price? You can try out Panasonic NA-S526B that comes at a comparatively lesser price yet with exclusive Panasonic features. These are the product highlights:

a. 5.2 kg wash capacity

b. 230 Volts power supply; 60 Hz

c. 240 Wattage of motor input

d. Dimension: 60 cm x 60 cm x 97 cm (L x W x H)

With single tub, it has a high quality washing power, a long lasting body made of eco-friendly substances to run for years perfectly. Interestingly, NA-S526B is convenient to use and easy to wash.

Apart from these four most accepted washing machines, the brand has in offer other varieties too of different prices. You have an open choice to lay your hands on the best suitable appliance from the storehouse of Panasonic.

People of Philippines have always preferred Panasonic:

Washing machines and dryers are daily-use appliances that need a good investment. So, what Filipinos have always preferred is a superior quality product that’s worth the payment. At large amounts, you would get extended features. But people who cannot afford high range appliances can also avail the reliable Panasonic with all basic and advanced features at a low range.

In a word, the brand is highly customer-friendly as well as eco-friendly. That’s the reason why users in the Philippines buy Panasonic washing machines and dryers for home. So, which one are you purchasing?

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