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About GE Washing Machines & Dryers

GE Washing Machines & Dryers are an essential to a Filipino life

Incorporated in New York, GE or General Electric is an American Multinational Company that ranked as the 26th largest company in the United States among the Fortune 500, in 2011. This company further prides itself upon housing two Nobel laureates: Irving Langmuir (1932) and Ivar Giaever (1973), because of whom and many others have contributed massively to its success. Currently, the company deals in Transportation, Healthcare, Aviation, Energy Management, Life Sciences, Home Appliances, etc. In 2012, this company was listed as the fourth largest in 2002. GE Washing Machines & Dryers are a part of the home appliances segment that is very popular in Philippines.

History of the maker

GE was founded in 1874 when it was applauded for implementation of incandescent light bulb into America's Central Power Station for the first time. In 1905 the company designed its first electric toaster named model D-12, in 1971 GE launched its first portable air conditioner system that can fit perfectly into small spaces. Fast forward many innovations later to this day, this company is still going strong and is constantly pushing the boundaries of modern technology.

Features of GE Washing Machines & Dryers

The lineup in Philippines is divided into four categories; each with a distinctive purpose and meant for different requirements of washing. These segments are:

  • Top Load Washers
  • Front Load Washers
  • Stackable Washers
  • Portable Washers

If names are not implicit enough, then you should know that the three are normal washing machines with drying systems with different layouts for washing clothes while the portable washer, as the name implies, can be carried anywhere to take care of your washing needs.

Reasons for Popularity in the Philippines

Among a plethora of reasons why GE Washing Machines & Dryers gained fame in Philippines, the climate of the country in general deserves a special mention. With most of the months being either sultry or wet due to rain, it becomes necessary to go for Machines & Dryer that serves a dual purpose. GE offers the people what they want and that too at very affordable prices so that a maximum number of people can make their lives easier. Talking about reliability, this brand has survived on being reliable like no other. Even to this day, the company's name itself assures long life and 24/7 customer service. GE Washing Machines & Dryers are an excellent choice in the Philippines.

GE Products Categories in the Philippines

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