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Samsung 32 in. UA32FH4003 TVs

Samsung 32 in. UA32FH4003

  • LED
  • 32 inch
  • 1366x768
P13,500.00 - (3 Prices)
Samsung 43 in. PS43F4000 TVs

Samsung 43 in. PS43F4000

  • Plasma
  • 43inch
  • 852x480
P19,800.00 (1 Price)
Samsung 18.5 in. LS19A100 TVs

Samsung 18.5 in. LS19A100

  • LED
  • 18.5inch
  • 1366x768
P4,580.00 (1 Price)
Samsung 40 in. UA40F5100 TVs

Samsung 40 in. UA40F5100

  • LED
  • 40inch
  • 1920x1080
P24,500.00 - (2 Prices)
Samsung 40 in. UA40F6400 TVs

Samsung 40 in. UA40F6400

  • LED, Smart TV
  • 40inch
  • 1920x1080
P42,900.00 - (4 Prices)
Samsung 32 in. UA32F4000 TVs

Samsung 32 in. UA32F4000

  • LED
  • 32inch
  • 1366x768
P14,800.00 - (2 Prices)
Samsung 24 in. UA24H4003AR TVs

Samsung 24 in. UA24H4003AR

  • LED
  • 24 inches (60.96cm)
  • 1366x768
P10,395.00 - (2 Prices)
Samsung 51 in. PS51F4900 TVs

Samsung 51 in. PS51F4900

  • Plasma
  • 51inch
  • 1024x768
P33,500.00 (1 Price)
Samsung 40 in. UA40F5000 TVs

Samsung 40 in. UA40F5000

  • LED
  • 40inch
  • 1920x1080
P24,499.00 - (2 Prices)
Samsung 23 in. UA23F4003 TVs

Samsung 23 in. UA23F4003

  • LED
  • 23 inch
  • 1366x768
P9,766.00 (2 Prices)
Samsung 51 in. PS51F4500 TVs

Samsung 51 in. PS51F4500

  • Plasma
  • 51inch
  • 1024x768
P29,500.00 (1 Price)
Samsung 40 in. UA40EH5000R TVs

Samsung 40 in. UA40EH5000R

  • LED
  • 40inch
  • 1920x1080
P27,900.00 - (2 Prices)
Samsung 43 in. PS43F4900 TVs

Samsung 43 in. PS43F4900

  • Plasma
  • 43inch
  • 1024x768
P22,800.00 (1 Price)
Samsung 50 in. UA50F5500 TVs

Samsung 50 in. UA50F5500

  • LED
  • 50inch
  • 1920x1080
P59,800.00 - (3 Prices)
Samsung 32 in. LA32C450E1 TVs

Samsung 32 in. LA32C450E1

  • LCD
  • 32inch
  • 1366x768
- (0 Prices)
Samsung 32 in. UA32F4100 TVs

Samsung 32 in. UA32F4100

  • LED
  • 32inch
  • 1366x768
P16,200.00 (1 Price)
Samsung 32 in. UA32F5000 TVs

Samsung 32 in. UA32F5000

  • LED
  • 32inch
  • 1920x1080
P17,900.00 - (2 Prices)
Samsung 40 in. UA40F6100 TVs

Samsung 40 in. UA40F6100

  • LED, Smart TV
  • 40inch
  • 1920x1080
- (0 Prices)

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  • Date : Aug 26, 2015

[Good] good in color ,size and functionability and so cheap in price ,it has a great sound which is good to hear by other audeinces,especially theres a good quality of fine images that in this tv.. [B ...Read more

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  • Review by nheloconcepcion
  • Date : Aug 5, 2015

I bought this TV 5 years ago and all I cay say is that up to date it is still working and very useful. I love the durability. The usefulness. Everything! [Good] With the Samsung 22 inches TV, you can ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.9
  • Review by Rosemarie Battuelas
  • Date : Jul 28, 2015

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Bethsaida Briones

32 inches - UA32F4100

nagdedeliver po b kau sa mga provinces? if wala kau branches dun

  • Last updated : Sep 3, 2015
  • Posted by Bethsaida Briones
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

Angelou Dela Cruz

meron kayong remote?

Sa ganitong item po ng samsung, itong Samsung 46 in. UA46D5500RR. May nagbebenta po ba dito ng accessories nito? Halimbawa nalang po sana yung remote niya. Nahulog po kasi yung remote namin ng ganito, okay lang sana kung kaya pang ayosin kao po as in ... Read more

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Mark Lim


Oh my gali mahal padin wala bang samsung 32 inches na flatscreen na nasa 8k lang yung price , please naghahanap[ po ako ngayon, ?kahit medyo old model basta flatscreen at 8K lang ,,tnx

  • Last updated : Aug 20, 2015
  • Posted by Mark Lim
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

About Samsung

Samsung TVs brings you the marvel of modern technology

Since 2012, Samsung has been the biggest manufacturer of LCD panels in the world and the world's largest television producer since 2006. It is no surprise to the people of the Philippines that Samsung TVs offer a diverse range of products starting from classic oval shaped picture tube versions to best in quality 4K resolution, 3D televisions that take entertainment to a different level. This South Korean brand has come far from its early days and has now established its name in relation to words like 'performance', 'reliability' and 'good price'. But that's not all- Samsung also scores high in its style element.

Features of Samsung TVs

In the Philippines, Samsung sells Television sets based on various categories like 'High-Definition (HD)', 'Full HD', 'UHD' and 'SUHD'. These are quality of TVs arranged according to their specificationsand pricing with HD costing the least and SUHD costing the most in its lineup. The meaning of this series and their general specifications are as follows:

HD: This stands for High-Definition and comes with 720p resolution quality, screen size ranging from 19 inches to 42 inches, has Sports mode, Indian Cinema mode, Super AMOLED display and direct video play from USB.

Full HD: This usually implies maximum resolution support up to 1080p along with features such as USB support, Wide colour Enhancer, HDMI inputs, Multimedia entertainment center and Dolby Surround Sound. These models are Flat screen in design and looks superb from every angle.

UHD: This lineup simply represents Ultra-HD models that consist of both flat screen and curved TVs. Some sensational features you get re Skype calling, TV-Phone sharing, Quad-core processor performance, Clear Motion Blur rate and variety of others. Resolution support is up to 1920 x 1080.

SUHD: This lineup is the best in offering from Samsung TVs segment and usually comes with outstanding features like 4K resolution and 3D viewing.

Reasons for popularity in the Philippines

Samsung's rise to fame happened with the launch of their Galaxy smartphone models. From being a widely sought-after brand to reaching legendary status within a couple of years, the South Korean company has seen it all. Competing with the likes of SONY, Sharp, LG and other such global giants, Samsung TVs have earned a place of their own within the shores of Philippines by constantly improvising their technology. Being in the forefront of innovation, Samsung TVs now offer the best of what the entertainment device industry can possibly come up with.

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