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Getlink Combo TV Antenna- Digital Outdoor VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna WithMounting Pole -45 ...

P2,498.75 Lazada

Black Clear TV Key HDTV FREE TV Digital Indoor Antenna Ditch CableDurable Black NEW - intl

P549 70% OFF P1,830 Lazada

Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna HDTV VHF High Band and UHF Antenna

P1,640 41% OFF P2,783 Lazada

Win DTV Antenna with 5 Meters Cable

P498 37% OFF P800 Lazada

Black Viewtv WA-2708B Snap On Outdoor Amplified Digital TV Antenna - 150Miles Range - 360?...

P4,068.90 Lazada

Hdtv Antenna-Skytv Amplified Digital Tv Antenna 150 Miles Range360? Rotation Outdoor ...

P11,328.43 Lazada

Philips Philips SDV8622T/27 Indoor/Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

P2,495 Lazada

FT Elecwave HDTV Antenna 100 Miles Range 360 Degree Omni-DirectionalReception Outdoor/ ...

P5,498.90 Lazada

50 Miles Range High Gain Indoor Amplified Digital TV HDTV Antennawith 16ft Cable(US Plug) ...

P806 49% OFF P1,611 Lazada

Distribution Amplifier Tv Channel Booster - Vichannel Amp204 (2017Upgraded) 4-Ports Hdtv ...

P3,748.75 Lazada

Tv-Satellite & Cable Tv Shielded Low-Loss Antenna Cable

P406.25 Lazada

August DTA310 Digital Free To Air TV Antenna - Amplified FlatIndoor Digital Aerial For ...

P995 Lazada

New Concept1Byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna With Omni-Directional360 Degree Reception- 60 ...

P6,936.04 Lazada

Black Elife Black For TV HDTV Indoor Gain 20dBi Digital DVB-T/FM Freeview Aerial Antenna ...

P845 50% OFF P1,690 Lazada

TOSHIBA Wholesale 6 Way Satellite TV Antenna Signal Splitter For SATV/CATV5-2400MHz ...

P479 51% OFF P978 Lazada

Cybertec ISDBT Digital TV Antenna Indoor or Outdoor TV Plus Antenna7.5meters

P400 Lazada

RCA RCA Air Flat Indoor HDTV Antenna

P1,818.75 Lazada

RCA RCA Amplified Indoor/Outdoor Flat HDTV Antenna ANT702WZ

P4,394.50 Lazada

Black DVB-T RF Coaxial to MCX TV Antenna Connector Black 22cm-Cable

P309 23% OFF P406 Lazada

Ultrathin 25 Miles Range F Male Connector Ultra-thin Digital Indoor TV HDTVAntenna with ...

P560 33% OFF P842 Lazada

Ultrathin 35 Miles Range F Male Connector Ultra-thin Digital Indoor TV HDTVAntenna with ...

P771 33% OFF P1,160 Lazada

Ultrathin 25 Miles Range IEC Male Connector Ultra-thin Digital Indoor TV HDTVAntenna with ...

P648.85 33% OFF P976 Lazada

Digital Indoor HD TV Antenna Box Flat Design High Gain 75 OHM -intl

P527 50% OFF P1,054 Lazada

Digital Indoor HD TV Antenna Box Flat Design High Gain 75 OHM -intl

P454 70% OFF P1,515 Lazada

HD High Definition Digital TV Antenna Array Long Range Amplified -intl

P569 63% OFF P1,580 Lazada

Digital Indoor TV Antenna HDTV DTV Box

P580 62% OFF P1,544 Lazada

Ravn VHF/UHF Indoor Color TV Antenna (Black) Set of 2

P599 40% OFF P999 Lazada

Ravn VHF/UHF Indoor Color TV Antenna (Blue)

P399 33% OFF P599 Lazada

Black Bamshoot TV Antenna 35 Plus Miles Range Digital HDTV Antenna FreeClear TV For ...

P1,623.75 Lazada

Amplified Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna 38 Gain Spectrum Grid

P2,493.75 Lazada

ANTOP AT-416B UFO 360 Degree Smartpass Amplified Outdoor/Attic HDTV Antenna With Built-In ...

P5,251.40 Lazada

Digital Signal Indoor Leaf Flat TV Antenna For HDTV DTV HD VHF UHFFM AM FTA High Gain (45 ...

P2,118.75 Lazada

Digital Signal Indoor Leaf Flat TV Antenna For HDTV DTV HD VHF UHFFM AM FTA High Gain (35 ...

P995 Lazada

FT Dewenwils TV Antenna OTA Digital HDTV Antenna Indoor 35 Mile LongRange With Stand And ...

P1,623.75 Lazada

Omorc 50 Miles Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna With 10 Foot RangeIndoor Coaxial Cable

P2,373.75 Lazada

NEO Basic Indoor Antena

P1,375 Lazada

Ewish 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna With Amplifier Booster USBPower Supply To Boost ...

P1,937.50 Lazada

Fixity ACC CADA2 Digital TV Antenna Cable

P582.50 Lazada

Viewtv WM-022A Adjustable Outdoor Antenna Mount Pole - AtticAntenna Mount

P2,748.75 Lazada

FT TV Antenna- Upgraded Version Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna 60 MileRange With ...

P2,954 Lazada

2017 Model TV Antenna - 50 Miles Digital Antenna Indoor - SmallerAnd High Reception - ...

P2,378 Lazada

Black Viewtv 50 Mile Flat HD Digital Indoor Amplified TV Antenna -Detachable Amplifier ...

P2,277 Lazada

ANTOP AT-201B Flat-Panel Smartpass Amplified Indoor TV Antenna WithHigh Gain And Built-In ...

P3,492.50 Lazada

TV Antenna 50 Miles Indoor - Coolmade 2017 Digital HDTV AntennaWith Detachable Channels ...

P2,873.75 Lazada

No Lava Hd-2805 Outdoor/Indoor Rotating Uhf/Vhf Hdtv Antenna WithMotor Rotor & Remote- ...

P6,495 Lazada

TOSHIBA King Vq4500 Tailgater Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite Tv Antenna(For Use With ...

P24,948 Lazada

TOSHIBA Dish Vq4400 Tailgater Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite Tv Antenna(For Use With ...

P56,801.26 Lazada

HengSong Clear TV Digital Indoor Antenna - intl

P448.69 42% OFF P775.01 Lazada

13.8Cm Length 4 Section Telescoping Stainless Steel AM FM Radio TVAntenna

P778.75 Lazada

GE GE 20431 Outdoor/Indoor Antenna For TV/FM Stereo

P4,540.80 Lazada

Jo.In Antenna lightning protection device Cable TV surge arrester Lightning Arrestor

P379 41% OFF P644 Lazada

TV Antenna Connector

P186 38% OFF P300 Lazada

TV Antenna Connector

P138 44% OFF P250 Lazada

Hdtv Outdoor Antenna 360 Degree Rotating Motor 1080P QualityReception

P3,621.69 Lazada

Sunshop Indoor TV Antenna Long Range 450-860MHz Amplified HD 1080p Flat Home UHF Digital ...

P804 50% OFF P1,608 Lazada

Starcube Home Antenna For DTV

P1,290 Lazada

Antop At-414B Ufo 360 Degree Smartpass Amplified Outdoor/Attic HdTv Antenna With Built-In ...

P15,657.90 Lazada

Justgogo-Ultra High Performance HDTV Antenna with 16ft Cable (\Amplified\" 50 Mile ...

P659 60% OFF P1,648 Lazada

TV Antenna Indoor HDTV DTV Box Flat Design 5dB Gain supportsUHF/VHF signals - intl

P607 61% OFF P1,597 Lazada

Ultrathin Ultra-Thin 50 Miles Range Indoor Amplified Digital TV HDTV Antennawith 16ft ...

P959 50% OFF P1,919 Lazada

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About TV Antennas

A Better Reception

A Television Antenna is specifically designed for the reception of over-the-air broadcast television signals. It has two different types. The indoor antennas which are located on top of or next to the television set. The outdoor antennas are mounted on a hard surface on top of the house. The Outdoor antennas are expensive but difficult to install. In the 1980s, there were only a few antennas in the world. These rudimentary devices were primarily a part of experiments that show how electromagnetic waves is transmitted. In the early 21st century, the average person now carries one or more antennas on them wherever they go. Cell phones can have multiple antennas if GPS is turned on and in use.

Its Unique Characteristics

Antenna Gain- It is wherein the parameter measures the degree of directivity of an antenna's radial pattern. The higher gain, the more effective in its radiation pattern. Each is uniquely designed in such a way that power raises in wanted direction and decreases in unwanted directions.

Aperture- It is also known as the effective aperture of the antenna which actively participates in transmitting and receiving the electromagnetic waves. The power received by the antenna is connected to the right a collective area. This collected area of an antenna is called an effective aperture.

Directivity and Bandwidth- It is defined as the measurement of concentrated power radiation in a particular direction. It is considered the capability of an antenna to direct radiated power in a given direction. It can also the ratio of the radiation intensity in a given direction to the average radiation intensity. Meanwhile, the Bandwidth is one of the desired parameters to choose an antenna. It can be defined as a range of frequencies over which an antenna can radiates energy and receives energy.

Polarization- It is an electromagnetic wave released from an antenna. It can be a vertical polarized or horizontal polarized. If the wave gets polarized vertically then the E vector is vertical and it will also require a vertical antenna. If vector E is horizontal, then it would need a horizontal antenna. Sometimes, the circular way of polarization is used, it is a combination of horizontal and vertical ways.

Effective Length- This is the parameter of each antenna. It characterizes the efficiency of every antenna in transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves. From the ratio of the receiver input to the intensity of the electric field occurred on the antenna is known as receivers' effective length. It can be defined as the length of the free space in a conductor, and current distribution across its length generates same field intensity in any direction of radiation.

Polar diagram- The most significant property of an antenna is its radiation pattern or a polar diagram. In transmitting antenna, it discusses the strength of the power field radiated by the antenna in various angular directions as shown in the plot below. A plot is used for both vertical and horizontal planes which are named as vertical and horizontal patterns, respectively.

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