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P759.05 41% OFF P1,299 Lazada

Sena Smh10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom WithUniversal Microphone Kit (Single...

P14,782.50 Lazada

Platinum KS-10+ Junior 2 DVD Karaoke Player with 13,373 Songs and Free Platinum KS-5000 ...

P2,899 42% OFF P4,999 Lazada

Shure Shure Beta-89 Wireless Microphone System (Black)

P16,620.25 20% OFF P20,795 Lazada

Dell Professional Computer USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone w/ Stand - intl

P1,167.55 68% OFF P3,687 Lazada

The Platinum Reyna 3c DVD Karaoke (Black) with Free High-End HDTWired Microphone

P5,899 54% OFF P12,999 Lazada

The Platinum KS-10 Plus Junior 2 DVD Karaoke Player with 14,580 Songs and FREE KS-5000 ...

P2,649 33% OFF P3,999 Lazada

Shure Shure PG48 Vocal Cardioid Dynamic Microphones (Black)

P1,377.50 21% OFF P1,750 Lazada

3 Pin XLR Microphone Cable Male to Female Audio ExtensionCord(Black)-1M - intl

P378 70% OFF P1,260 Lazada

Nylon Braided 1/4 Jack 6.35mm Stereo Male to XLR Female MicrophoneCable (Blue) (1.8m) - ...

P406 69% OFF P1,353 Lazada

48V Microphone Phantom Power Supply +2.5M/8.2ft XLR Cable Line (USPlug) (Black) - intl

P1,191 69% OFF P3,969 Lazada

Sena Bluetooth Headset And Intercom For Scooters/Motorcycles WithUniversal Microphone Kit

P9,675 Lazada

Sena Smh-A0301 Helmet Clamp Kit With Boom Microphone For Smh10Bluetooth Headset

P3,903.90 Lazada

Polestar 10m Professional Videoke Stereo Microphone Cable withXLR/TRS jack (Yellow)

P850 66% OFF P2,500 Lazada

The Platinum Kool Sound Junior KS-5 DVD Karaoke Player (Black) FreeTrident TR-97 High-End ...

P1,999 33% OFF P2,999 Lazada

PLATINUM HD Major 10 Karaoke Hard Disk Player (Gold) Free ORISHigh-End Microphone OR-6000

P16,999 57% OFF P39,999 Lazada

Platinum Junior 2 KS-10+ DVD Karaoke Player with 13,373 Songs and Free Microphone

P2,995 Lazada

Platinum Kapitan 2 T40S Limited Edition DVD Karaoke Player with 18186 Songs, Free ...

P7,800 Lazada

Platinum Alpha PMK-100HD Dual Wireless Karaoke Microphone with17056 Songs and 64GB SD ...

P21,999 Lazada

Vention Vention VDD-C03 New 6.35mm 1/4\ Male Mono Plug to RCA Female JackAudio Adapter ...

P511 26% OFF P699 Lazada

Mini Portable Clip-on Lapel 3.5mm Thread Jack Condenser WiredMicrophone (Black) - intl

P312 55% OFF P694 Lazada


P1,999 66% OFF P5,999 Lazada

Konzert Konzert KCS-222 Micro Component System with USB & SD, FM Radio,Bluetooth and ...

P7,499 25% OFF P9,999 Lazada

KARAVISION K 12 Multifunction Karaoke Computerized DVD Player Withfree Dynamic Microphone

P2,499 52% OFF P5,299 Lazada

Universal Jetting Buy 3 Pins Xlr To Xlr Female Microphone Cable ExtensionAdaptor ...

P382 50% OFF P764 Lazada

Hyundai 98 Pro DVD Karaoke Player with DVON Professional KaraokeMicrophone

P9,500 9% OFF P10,500 Lazada

Hyundai 100m roll Professional Stereo Microphone Cable (Gold)

P2,150 52% OFF P4,500 Lazada

Hyundai P98 Pro N DVD Karaoke Player with 18270 Songs, FreeMicrophone

P8,299 Lazada


P6,499 7% OFF P7,000 Lazada

microphone cable 15 meters

P499 37% OFF P799 Lazada

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Meron bang microphone na derecho sa TV yung saksak? Baka kasi sa mga smart tv, meron na ngayon na pwede derecho saksak doon yung cord or bluetooth connection. May microphone kasi kami pero wala lang amplifier na pagsasaksakan para mag videoke

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