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CD-r king tablet lets you freeze in some beautiful memories speedy processing features will be fulfilled and it has brilliant visuals that are easy on your eyes and if you are free to browse multiple ...Read more reviews

  • Rating : 3.5
  • Review by Marlon Curva
  • Date : Jan 30, 2014

"I have been using this cd-r king tablet 5 months ago,and the fact that i cloud choose 1.2GHz speed processor plus its android 2.3 operating system. This tablet quality is a bit tougher and cheaper ...Read more reviews

  • Rating : 2.5
  • Review by Trinity Jacinto
  • Date : Jan 2, 2014

Nand flash memory oo...!pero yung sinasabing 8mp na camera sa likod nito eh joke time naman... parang hindi naman eh! malinaw, oo. pero hindi yung sobrang linaw...!

  • Rating : 2.8
  • Review by Gabriel De vera
  • Date : Nov 14, 2013

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Cdr king

They said cdr king is a china brand but there are many branches of cdr king in the mall,Is this really a good brand?I want to buy this tab and then ,how can i sure that this is really okay.?.

  • Last updated : Apr 3, 2014
  • Posted by Serena
  • Replies of This topic : 2 Replies

Doma Sari

Apple i.d?

Ginamit nato sa ibang bansa tapos binigay sa akin ng kuya ko ,pero hindi ko nagagamit kasi kailangan daw ng apple i.d ba yun..Ano ibig sabihin nun pupunta pa ba ako sa applestore para ma activate ko to?

  • Last updated : Apr 16, 2014
  • Posted by Doma Sari
  • Replies of This topic : 3 Replies


Nextbook Trendy

Bakit hindi ako makapag youtube sa nextbook Trendy tab ko?,may connection naman ito tapos naka on rin yung wifi,ang nakalagay lang processing links,tapos close,,Ayaw naman talaga magplay..Patulung naman po,salamat..

  • Last updated : Apr 16, 2014
  • Posted by pLAxyy24
  • Replies of This topic : 5 Replies

About cd-r king

CD-R King popularity in the Philippines

CDR- King is well-known as cheap products selling. Firstable, CDR-King started to sell the blank CDs, which price was between Php25 to Php100 for each and other un-branded CDs were just between Php5 to Php8. CD-R King began to expand their shops aggressively. They sold many other products such as flash storage, networking devices, memory modules, electrical accessories, digital cameras, TVs, tablets, laptops and so on. This inventory made CD-R King company very success. But the fact was it was very hard to have reliable with those cheap products business because the customers became more sensitive about the brand and they required warranty coverage as after- sales support. And there would be some risks if the price gets cheaper and cheaper, like reputation. Some customers have not good experiences of purchases in one of CD-R King outlets and these reputations would be bigger. CD-R King is of course trying to develop their business and also trying to solve any standard warranty claims to make new customers. This is not the only problem of CD-R King but as well as many other brands.

How is the physical shop in the Philippines

It is kind of messy in the shop. If people want something to buy, they need to stand on a line even if a line is extremely long. And then the sales clerk will call one by one, then he or she will show the people the products. The good thing is the shop will check the teething problem. The difficult thing is people need to wait on a line just for asking some. Otherwise, it’s hard to get any answer. How long do they need to wait? It’s pretty long. So people need to be very patient.

News and announcement from CD-R King.

There are so many questions about why the most of products so cheap and people are asking are they fakes or generics. And CD-R King official page answered that selling of fakes is totally illegal and generics are no names, and they have a name, which means they are CD-R King Brand. Why they so cheap is because the product is directly sold from factory t retail, said CD-R King. There are no agents and trading company in between CD-R King Brand. So they could be much cheaper than the other major brands because CD-R King do not pay royalty. Moreover, they said they design their own. There are three different types of connection that given by the internet service in the Philippines such as DHCP, PPOE and STATIC. They set up or configure the router depending on the connection given by one’s provider.

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