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  • Hyundai Accent 2016 CRDI Desil Hatchback in Mystic Blue w/ tint, rustproof, 1 year insurance paid

    - Purchased brand new on February 22nd, 2016 from Hyundai Dumaguete.
    - New insurance policy is fully paid - valid March 30th 2017 to March 30th 2018.
    - Car is under Hyundai warranty.
    - 24,870 kilometers on the odometer
    - All oil changes are fully synthetic.
    - All general maintenance has been done, fuel filter replaced.
    - 2 most recent oil changes were at Shell, using Shell premium full synthetic oil, the best synthetic oil for your engine available on the market.
    - Gas has been filled with Shell premium Desil for the duration of 24,870 odometer
    - All maintenance receipts, Hyundai owners manual and registration documents are in car glove compartment
    - Full Coverage Insurance Policy - p18,712.35 paid on March 30th 2017
    - 1 year insurance, full coverage expires March 30th 2018
    - Excellent exceleration and power from the Desil engine design
    - Great gas mileage from Hyundai's efficient Desil engine.
    - Better gas mileage than a Toyota Prius Hybrid
    - Automatic locking and windows. Later cut key
    - Automatic transmission with sport auto shifting
    - 1 year old car. Purchased new at Hyundai of Dumaguete on Feb 22nd 2016 for p900,000k plus p32,000 worth of upgrades:
    - 3M tint on all windows
    - Car fully rustproofed by Hyundai
    - 3M floor mats front and back
    - Total paid on Hyundai of Dumaguete receipt: p932,000

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