Sharp Refrigerators & Freezers Price List in the Philippines July 2018

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Sharp SJ-DT55AS

Sharp SJ-DT55AS

  • Single Door
  • 155.74 L
P11,698 - (2 Prices)
Sharp SJ-18S

Sharp SJ-18S

  • Top Freezer
  • 167.07 L
P16,098 (1 Price)
Sharp SJ-38T

Sharp SJ-38T

  • Top Freezer
  • 291.66 L
P19,198 (1 Price)
Sharp SJ-181P

Sharp SJ-181P

  • Top Freezer
  • 167.07 L
P18,098 - (4 Prices)
Sharp SJ-DN85AS

Sharp SJ-DN85AS

  • Single Door
  • 240.69 L
P15,498 - (2 Prices)
Sharp SJ-FB79V

Sharp SJ-FB79V

  • French Door
  • 679.6 L
- (0 Prices)
updated on Jul 18, 2018, 14:50

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Sharp Refrigerators & Freezers Price 2018

Latest Sharp Refrigerators & Freezers Price
Sharp SJ-DT55AS P11,698 -
Sharp SJ-DN85AS P15,498 -
Sharp SJ-38T P19,198
Sharp SJ-18S P16,098
Sharp SJ-181P P18,098 -
Sharp SJ-DT55AS Sharp SJ-DT55AS

Latest Reviews for Sharp Refrigerators & Freezers

In 10 months I must have called SHARP 72 times most times no reply or busy. The new machine just doesn't work and people at sharp don't give adamn. It doesn't cool it doesn't make ice. It's like a ...Read more

  • Rating : 2.0
  • Review by Lalit Sangtani
  • Date : Sep 6, 2016

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About Sharp Refrigerators & Freezers


SHARP is a company that not just deals in one type of electronic products only but quite a several of them. The company mainly focuses on delivering great products with the latest technology incorporated in them at a reasonable price. This is the ultimate funda of the company.

A great selection of SHARP Refrigerators and Freezers

Although SHARP is widely known for manufacturing various types of electrical gadgets and appliances like TV, air conditioners, microwave ovens, mobile phones, etc, one of the products that this company has been most accounted for are their refrigerators and freezers.

SHARP has a vast range of selection in the category of their refrigerators and freezers. The electronic appliances from SHARP make use of the latest hybrid technologies to be productive and efficient with a less consumption of energy.

The best thing about any of the SHARP product is that the company pays utmost heed to the satisfaction of customers, and one of the most important concerns of SHARP is to make their products greener and eco-friendly every time they present it to the public as these products are CFC free and do not emit other ozone depleting gases.

SHARP over the years

Initially, SHARP had started as a pencil business as Tokuji Hayakawa, founder of SHARP had invented a mechanical pencil called the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil (the company has been named after this). After this pencil business had been destroyed by the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923, the company started designing Japanese radio sets of first generation after relocating to Osaka.

After these first generation radio sets started selling, this company then started producing TV sets in 1953. SHARP has had great achievements as this company was the first in world to develop a transistor calculator. Two years later SHARP went on to launch the first IC calculator which incorporated bipolar ICs made by Mitsubishi. SHARP has also launched the world’s first commercial camera phone in 2000 which is the J-SH04.

Refrigerators and Freezers by SHARP

SHARP has a variety of refrigerators/freezers in stock for the customers. These different refrigerators and freezers have different prices and their specifications and features vary accordingly. Most of the models have been made available online; these models may differ in some countries.

Although there are several other refrigerators/freezers from SHARP, the best ones in class are SHARP SJ-FB74V and SHARP SJ-X66ST. These refrigerators represents the best of what SHARP truly has to offer.


This refrigerator cum freezer has a French door. The total capacity of this equipment is 556 L in which it has 211 L freezer compartment and 345 L for refrigerator compartment. Some of the outstanding features in this refrigerator are Ag+ Nano Deodorizer and Hybrid Cooling System, and it has got stylish and trendy design. With the Hybrid Cooling System, this refrigerator gives a quick cooling and adjusts the temperature with a smart sensing technology.


This refrigerator is another great model from the makers. This model is a side by side type refrigerator/freezer. It has a power consumption of 280 W, and its total capacity is 650 L. It also has an LED display with touch buttons and LEDs in its interior lighting system. Other utility features have also been added in SHARP SJ-X66ST.

SHARP refrigerators and freezers in the Philippines

SHARP is slowly gaining its popularity in the Philippines market, and this was started by the company’s other electronic devices and home appliances which are distributed in the Philippines market. SHARP might look forward to expand their horizon over the Philippines market in the upcoming days.

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