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Honda Scoopy

Honda Scoopy

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Honda Scoopy i

Honda Scoopy i

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Latest Reviews for Honda Scoopy

matagal ko talaga itong pinag isipan kung owth it bang bumili ako ng motor at worth it naman talaga kasi gamit ko siya pag sa work ito yung napili ko ang Honda Scoopy kasi madali lang ma drive ito ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Gretchen
  • Date : Mar 9, 2017

Ngayon may motor na rin ako isang Honda Scoopy ang motor na cute pang babae nga naman to na kaya ang ayos pa. Ang makina din naman ay ang ayos na ayos kaya ang galing pa din kasi ang bilis pang ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by IrINabAby S.
  • Date : Jan 26, 2017

Sana irelease na ng Honda Philippines itong Honda Scoopy Fi sa Pilipinas

  • Rating : 2.8
  • Review by John Price
  • Date : Aug 12, 2015

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Tecson Billychris

Honda scoopy 2nd hand

How much scoopy 2nd hand

  • Last updated : Jan 31, 2017
  • Posted by Tecson Billychris
  • Replies of This topic : 6 Replies

Jay-ar Bucatcat

Looking for something to ride. The cheap one

Sinu po my second hand scoopy motor?DAVAO only. 20k budget ko.

  • Last updated : Jan 24, 2017
  • Posted by Jay-ar Bucatcat
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

Nica Ycong Fernandez

Second hand

Second hand po ba yan ? And magkano po ang price nyan ?

  • Last updated : Mar 8, 2016
  • Posted by Nica Ycong Fernandez
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About Honda Scoopy

Honda Scoopy introduces new easy motorcycles in the Philippines

Honda has been a pioneering figure in motorcycles and scooters since its inception. So, when it comes to a new Honda motorcycle or scooter, it is perfectly alright to assume that it is going to be absolutely amazing. This was the general idea when Honda Scoopy hit the markets way back in 2002. Evidently, the easy going scooter was pretty amazing as far as its design concepts were concerned. This scooter was marketed pretty heavily in many parts of the world as well.


Honda Scoopy was originally called by its generic name – Honda CHF50. It was marketed first in the United States in 2002, and continued to remain there till 2005. Several variant models came out in this period of time, and eventually Honda started expanding its sales to other parts of the world, including the likes of Canada, Australia and Japan. It was called the Metropolitan in USA, Jazz in Canada, Scoopy in Australia as well as Crea Scoopy in Japan. As sales improved over time, Honda made sure to test this product out in its South Asian markets like Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and India. Needless to say, it performed extremely well in these markets due to its small yet compact size and a unique design mechanism. Its power and top speed ratings were pretty good as compared to other models in the market.


A generic Scoopy is a 49 cc scooter made by Honda, as a part of those authentic scooters it has made since 1960s. However, its design concepts were pretty unusual and interesting. Many predicted that its design would follow up in Honda’s later vehicles – and so it did in their Vespa scooters. Even though its design was very classic in nature, but the mechanical parts were quite modern. It was responsible for creating Honda’s other scooter lines – including Honda NPS50 and NCH50. Since the CHF50 was designed for a top speed of 30 MPH, it was classified as a motorcycle, and required necessary licenses and registration plates to be driven. Honda also released a secondary restricted version of this motorcycle in the form of a moped called Metropolitan II or CH50P with a max speed of 25 MPH.

Popular Models

  • Scoopy – This model is available in 5 different colors, with automatic transmission and both electric and kick start facility. Its fuel tank capacity is 3.5 cc with a total weight of 91 kg and max speed of 30 MPH. Its power spec includes 4 HP with a fuel economy of 80 MPG.
  • Scoopy i – This model features a 108.00 cc displacement with automatic transmission and both electric and kick start systems. Its max fuel tank capacity is 3.7 cc with a total of 96 kg weight. Max speed ranges from 28 to 30 MPH, with 4.2 HP max power.
  • Scoopy i Club – This moped is available in only 3 colors – namely, Black, Grey, White and Blue. It features a 108.0 cc displacement spec, with auto gear box. Mileage stands at 53 Km/l with 3.7 cc fuel tank capacity. Its total weight is around 96 kg.
  • Scoopy FI – Available in 3 variants only with black, blue and red color spec, this scooter offers auto transmission as well as electric and kick start mechanism. Its max displacement is 108 cc, with a 3.7 cc fuel tank capacity. Power options include 4.5 HP of max power, with 29 MPH of max speed and 80 MPG fuel economy.
  • Scoopy i S12 – This is the latest model in this series of scooters. It includes a auto gear box module with 53 km per liter fuel consumption rate. Its total tank capacity is around 3.7 cc with a max power of 4.9 HP and weighs around 96 kg.

Reason for Popularity

The primary reason for this brand’s popularity in the Philippines is due to its unique design and amazingly crafty construction. Light motorcycles and scooters drivers have their unique taste, and this brand clearly identifies itself with that.

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