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Unbranded Underneath XRM 125SS Trinity (Red)

P450 55% OFF P1,000 Lazada

Sec BSEC 02558 Nemo Splash Guard VJ

P899 18% OFF P1,100 Lazada

Black SEC 01712 KAWASAKI Ninja 300 Rear Set - BLACK

SEC 01712 KAWASAKI Ninja 300 Rear Set - BLACK

P7,000 Lazada

Not Specified Motorcycle 22mm 7/8 Inch Handlebar Brake Clutch Master Cylinder Lever ...

P2,329 50% OFF P4,658 Lazada

Unbranded MAGAZI IGNITION COVER MIO SRF-2235 (9801-828-Black)

P228 Lazada

R8 R8 SPROCKET SET BARAKO175 45T/14T (9880-252)

P559 Lazada

MOTO(R) Endurance Motorcycle Brake Cable DT125

MOTO(R) Endurance Motorcycle Brake Cable DT125

P159 20% OFF P199 Lazada

CYLINDER HEAD TMX155/125 LYT (9854-039)

CYLINDER HEAD TMX155/125 LYT (9854-039)

P1,217 Lazada

Double 2-Person Waterproof Motor Raincoat (Black)

Double 2-Person Waterproof Motor Raincoat (Black)

P250 58% OFF P599 Lazada

SUZUKI ALISGP Tensioner Cam Chain Suzuki Smash 115 (9853-335)

ALISGP Tensioner Cam Chain Suzuki Smash 115 (9853-335)

P195 Lazada



P5,550 11% OFF P6,300 Lazada



P6,950 10% OFF P7,800 Lazada

OXFORD Oxford OX242 Forked Cleaning Brush

P250 Lazada

OEM New Rear Brake Master Cylinder w/Caliper for ATV UTV 70CC 90CC 110CC 125CC 250CC

P1,676 50% OFF P3,352 Lazada

Not Specified Black CNC Universal Engine Kill Switch Starter Switch For Dirt Bike ...

P652 50% OFF P1,304 Lazada

Not Specified Universal Motorcycle Hydraulic Brake Clutch Master Cylinder Reservoir Lever ...

P1,744 50% OFF P3,488 Lazada

Not Specified 182290513535 121684633897 Motorcycle Dirt Bike ATV Chain Tensioners ...

P841 50% OFF P1,682 Lazada

Unbranded Valve Intake/Exhuast TMX (Long)

P259 48% OFF P500 Lazada

OEM 260 stainless steel brake disc Three-hole brake pads 7.0 hole distance Motorcycle/Moto...

P1,099 1% OFF P1,118 Lazada

Unbranded LAZADA Top Selling XRM Caliper Master Cylinder Pump Set (Complete)

P1,150 48% OFF P2,250 Lazada

Unbranded ALISGP CDI Xrm110 5 Pin

P210 Lazada

Sec BSEC 02249 Universal BK Swing Arm Spools (Blue/Black)

P1,000 33% OFF P1,500 Lazada

Sec SEC 01467 SUZUKI Gixxer Bracket

P1,100 Lazada

Sec SEC 01369 Yamaha MT-07 Steering Damper Stabilizer Set

P7,200 Lazada

OEM Cenita 30PCS x 2P Lamp Quick Spring Clamp Solding Wire Connector Terminal Block - intl

P384 50% OFF P768 Lazada

Twist Throttle Accelerator Grip cable

Twist Throttle Accelerator Grip cable

P589.95 4% OFF P619.44 Lazada

Michelin Michelin 60/90R17 Pilot Street

Michelin 60/90R17 Pilot Street

P1,225 18% OFF P1,498 Lazada

Metzeler ME7 Teen Tubeless Front/Rear Tyre- 130/70--12M/C(56L)

Metzeler ME7 Teen Tubeless Front/Rear Tyre- 130/70--12M/C(56L)

P2,100 Lazada

SUZUKI ALISGP Cam Chain Guide Suzuki

ALISGP Cam Chain Guide Suzuki

P205 Lazada

Honda XRM Speed Gear Repair Kit

Honda XRM Speed Gear Repair Kit

P190 40% OFF P320 Lazada

About Motorcycle Other Accessories

Motorcycling is not just a sport but also a great hobby where you can be really fashionably creative or just a way to waste more money on other accessories. Aside from the obvious expenses, you'll find ways to spend money on accessories instead. It almost can't be helped if you are really into it and also if it's a new ride or your first time owning one. Buying all of the correct riding gear like helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and boots are one of the essential things you can do as a motorcyclist. If you don't pay for the right stuff, you could end up paying for the wrong stuff.


  • Tools- In the long run, you might learn some basic mechanic knowledge when you have your own motorcycle. You get more and more in touch with what makes your motorcycle tick, you save money as you become more familiar with certain repairs and service procedures, which also add to your satisfaction.
  • Motorcycle Luggage- Whether you are going traveling having a luggage is also important. Saddlebags are the quintessential motorcycle luggage items. You can increase your capacity by supplementing them with a tail bag. You can opt for soft luggage or hard luggage, depending on your preference and/or purposes. LED-Equipped Lights- Using LED bulbs are more efficient and smaller. They do not easily burn out. They also have a longer lifespan. These factors really make sense when it comes to using a motorcycle.
  • Summer Jacket- All jackets feel hot at stoplights, it's just a fact of life. Perforated leather will cook you if it's hot and sunny. If being under the sun in scorching heat doesn't bother you at all, leather provides worthwhile abrasion resistance for a highway accident. But leather's biggest benefit is reusability. You have a decent chance of reusing a leather jacket after a wreck, but textiles are a one-and-done affair.
  • Winter Jacket- Of course, if there are Summer Jacket there should also be a Winter Jacket. These winter jackets are no other than the leather jackets It's got the best abrasion resistance, and it looks classic.
  • Crash Protection- These are accessories that you can add to your motor vehicle to add protection, frame sliders, bar ends, swingarm spools, and fork sliders. These protects your motorcycle from damage resulting from moderate to low-speed slides or tip-overs. It is better to replace crash protection than replacing the plastic and hard parts of the motorcycle.
  • Covers- Not everyone is fortunate to have a garage, but that's okay because covers are a decent option. They offer protection from the elements like dust, heat, water and even animal poop.
  • Security Systems- Motorcycle security systems range from a variety of locks to sophisticated electronic alarms. GPS is also good to have on the motor vehicle. Losing a motorcycle or it may be stolen can be avoided if you have this accessory, and any sort of security system can help keep it safe.
  • Gloves- Good gloves have them and also plenty of cushion and armor, made from titanium or plastic, over the knuckles and wrist bones.
  • Reflection- Visibility is your friend. It is easy to get a reflective license plate bolts or just use some tape that is reflective on certain surfaces. Most riding gears have reflective tubing or panels, so consider those as alternatives.
  • Shoulder and Elbow Armor- These are also jackets that include basic shoulder and elbow armored pads. It may be velcroid into the lining or it is held in zippered pockets.
  • Pants- Denim rips 0.4 seconds after you begin to slide on pavement. Just because it's thick and scratchy doesn't mean it's road armor. There are also jeans lined inside with Kevlar for significant abrasion resistance, or another option is to buy Cardura textile pants. Lots of what's out there fit like a blimp cover have weird patches sewn all over it and costs more than a decent television.
  • Knee Armor- As long as you can have something to wear to support and to cover the knees can be your knee armor. There are pants that have pockets inside the knees can be used as armor pads that cover the kneecaps just put some good pads on the knees.
  • Helmet- An important accessory that a motorcycle owner should really have but not just any helmet there are also different kinds of helmets that you should know and the one that really gives good protection for your head is important, it may cost a lot but in the long run you will see its value.
  • Boots- Feet and legs are the most likely part of you to get damaged in a wreck. Most boots have the plastic-reinforced soles and toe boxes to prevent foot breaking boot twisting, and padded armor discs over the knobby ankle bones.

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