Sep 8, 2017

Huawei Mate 10 teaser out, launch on October 16

Those looking forward to the successor of the Mate 9 can mark that calendar, as Huawei confirms the date and location of its launch for the Mate 10.

The battle of the no-bezels is well under way, as Huawei releases its teaser for its upcoming Mate 10 smartphone. In what's becoming a huge cliché all across the smartphone world, Huawei's upcoming Mate 10 will have the same "no-bezel" design as a bevy of other flagship competitors this year. Huawei's latest teaser officially sets the date for the Mate 10 and its new chipset, the Kirin 970 and it'll be on October 16 in Munich, Germany.

Huawei had already previously announced its latest high-end in-house chipset, the Kirin 970, during the IFA 2017 in Berlin. The much-hyped processor from Huawei's subsidiary HiSilicon was met with applause, and not content to let a good thing die down, Huawei is following up that event with the Mate 10 not so soon after.

The latest teaser tells us what we're getting. We have yet another shot of a landscape with a semi-invisible white rectangle imposed over it, implying a phone with nothing but screen as it looks over the cityscape. The teaser reads, "Stay tuned for the Huawei Mate 10 Series powered by Kirin 970, Munich 16 Oct." With everyone doing the same thing, will the Mate 10 be able to stand out?

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei, certainly thinks so. He has confirmed that the Mate 10 will have the no-bezel full-screen display that has characterized this year's flagships, and it'll also have better cameras than its predecessors, a tall order in itself. It'll also have a fast charging capability, and more importantly will have Huawei's Kirin 970 chipset, which is the first chipset to feature a dedicated neural network processing unit.

This processor theoretically provides the Mate 10 with built-in AI computing abilities, which is useful in applications where the phone needs to make complex decisions. The launch of the Kirin 970 showed the chip was capable of performing tasks like image recognition twenty times faster than it would have without neural network processing. Huawei is opening up the platform to third party developers and partners, so it'll be interesting what kind of support this will drum up in the upcoming months.

We'll find out more about the Mate 10 next month, but more leaks are sure to come in the span between now and then.