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Nokia Asha 200 Mobile Phones
P3,249.00 - (8 Prices)
    • Graphite
    • Pearl White
    • Pink, Light Pink
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Blue, Aqua
    • Purple
  • Feature phone, Symbian, 40
  • 2.4inch, 2mp
  • 1GHZ, 10 MB, 64 MB ROM

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[Good] long life battery, speaker is very good for music and for answering the call. Easy touch. easy typing message. Good quality, smart design and form factor, value for money, It comes in fun, ...Read more

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  • Review by Florante Tumacder
  • Date : May 14, 2015

Good for musics

  • Rating : 3.4
  • Review by Yahjp26
  • Date : Mar 26, 2015

[Good] the display is very clear and bright. the touch is very responsive. premium quality. platform design. for nokia asha 300 you can update the software , it is very impressive. the nokia asha 300 ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.3
  • Review by Myla Libo-on Escapalao II
  • Date : Mar 17, 2015

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Document reader Asha 501

Has anyone found a legit app enabling Asha 501 to read documents (word, pdf, excel files)?

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About Nokia

Nokia History

Nokia Corporation is the industry of telecommunications equipment Internet and computer software and it is now headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Nokia was established by Fredrik Idestan and Leo Mechelin. Knut Fredrik Idestam was used to be a Finnish mining engineer and its businessman and lived from October 28, 1838 to April 8, 1916. Another founder, named Leopold Henrik Stanislaus Mechelin was a also Finnish, and was a professor, statesman, senator and liberal reformer, who lived from November 24, 1839 to January 26, 1914.

The history of Nokia has started in 1865. Mining engineer Knut Fredrik Idestam sets up a groundwood pulp mill at the Tammerkoski Rapids, town of Tampere, where in south-western Finland. At that time, Russian Empire in southwestern Finland had started manufacture the riverside paper because of rich hydropower production, Fredrik Idestam built a second mill near the town of Nokia, where located fifteen kilometers west of Tampere by the Nokianvirta river in 1868. And the global telecommunications leader connected over 1.3 billion people. Eduard Polon established Finnish Rubber Works and some rubber products. This business would be Nokia’s rubber business later. Because Finnish Rubber built its factories near the town of Nokia, so they started to using Nokia as its brand name.

In 1912, Arvid Wickstrom established Finnish Cable Works began operations. The three companies were merged into one, and it formed the Nokia Corporation as we know much. At the beginning of the 1980s, the mobile phone industry begins to expand so quickly and the position of Nokia gets more powerful for telecommunications and consumer electronics markets. And in 1982, Nokia introduced its first car phone to the world. Then Nokia’s mobile phones got a huge publicity boost in 1987, and that was when Mikhali Gorbachev, who used to be a Soviet leader, was pictured with Mobira Cityman and it became known as the “Gorba”.

The beginning of the 1990s, Nokia expanded the business of telecommunications by divesting of the information technology and basic industry operations. Nokia increased its sales to North America at first, and then it spread to the South America and Asia. In 1998, Nokia had focused on GSM technologies , therefore, the company became one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Nowadays, Nokia became one of the top-seller of mobile phone in the world. In 2004 was the first year that Nokia released the touch screen phone, which called Nokia 7710.

In 2009, Nokia announced a high-end Windows-based netbook which named Nokia Booklet 3G, and it also had an advantage of Symbian because it was the main smartphone OS of Nokia until 2011. In the same year, Nokia announced a new strategic alliance with Microsoft to replace Symbian and MeeGo with Microsoft of operating system, which is Windows Phone. Nokia practice many other thing to develop till now, it still keep changing with consumer’s needs.

Official Store in Philippines

Nokia has official web shop and also have many physical shops in the Philippines. Especially, there are so many Nokia shop in Manila. Most of all series and items are on the fourth floor, at SM Manila. The prices are not so cheap but most of items are completed.

Popularity in the Philippines

Nokia’s newest device is smartphone in these days. Philippines is still a huge market for Nokia, but Korean firm Samsung is overtaking Nokia as the largest seller recently. Moreover, there came out Blackberry, iPhone units, MyPhone, and Cherry Mobile that have grown in their popularity in Philippines. They also have affordable units that the worlds required and they are of course at a reasonable price. Particularly Lumia products boosted in the Philippines and are the right products needed in the market at there.


Nokia launched the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 recently in the Philippines and those are the latest smartphone device that have the Windows platform. And it was said that Microsoft was in talks to buy Nokia and tried to boost its position in the mobile phone market by buying the devices from Nokia but they failed to deal.

Nokia Products Categories in Philippines

About Asha

Before Microsoft completes the buyout of Nokia’s mobile phone business, the once top mobile brand introduced the Asha series which runs mostly on the Series 40 operating system. The collection, named after the Sanskrit word that means "hope", features low end smartphones as well as feature phones and comes at really reasonable prices.

Popularity in the Philippines

Nokia has managed to ride on its brand recognition and immediately got the attention of the Filipinos with its Asha series. Not only are the phones refreshingly uncomplicated, they also look and feel trendy and cool. Of course, the mobile company knows it will have a hard time competing with the other big brands like Samsung and Apple when it comes to high end smartphone features so they decided to play it smart with this collection. Fortunately, their gamble paid off as the series is gaining a momentum in terms of local sales.

Product Features

The very first Asha device which was introduced in 2011, the Asha 200, featured a QWERTY keypad and 2MP camera. For Filipinos who love to send SMS, it is certainly a welcome change from the brand’s usual alphanumeric keypad. It was also Dual SIM capable, which endeared it further to the local market.

The great consumer response to the series prompted the mobile manufacturer to release models with resistive touch screen as well as capacitive touchscreen display and also Single and / or Dual SIM versions for each model. In total, there are about 19 models under the Asha series with all of them featuring GPS functionality and FM radio as well as camera.

The later models particularly the Asha 501, 500, 502 and 503, run on the new Nokia Asha Platform operating system, which essentially builds on the S4 system, considered to be one of the most widely used mobile platforms in the world but are not designed for smartphones. The Nokia Asha platform, on the other hand, has been designed specifically for low-end borderline smartphone devices.

Among the favorite Nokia Asha models are as follows:

  • Asha 210 – with 2.4 inch LCD transmissive display and Dual SIM capabilities; comes with a QWERTY keypad, 2MP camera and social apps. Available in Yellow, Black, Blue, White and Pink
  • Asha 309 – boasts of fast browsing and social media as well as slick touchscreen and data tracking. Unit comes with 3 inch LCD transmissive display and 2MP camera
  • Asha 311 – device features fast internet, powerful apps and integrated social networks as well as 3.2MP camera and 3 inch LCD transmissive display
  • Asha 501 – a compact yet powerful smartphone with Xpress Browser, Fastlane and bold colours to choose from as well as 3 inch LCD transmissive display and 3.2MP rear camera


Obviously, the number one come-on of this series would be its price. Range is between P2900 to P4500. Of course, consumers will not be short changed when it comes to durability and reliability. After all, the phones are still made by one of the most reputable companies in the world. A lot of consumers also like the fun colours which is noticeably absent in a market where most of the phones come in Silver, Black or White colors.

There is also the Nokia Xpress browsers which is great in optimizing web pages according to the screen and capabilities of the devices, allowing data to be compressed resulting to reduced data transmission charges which is certainly something mobile users will come to appreciate.


Although some of the Asha models (311, 309 and 308) were advertised to be "smartphones" they are decidedly not since they do not support any features that will put them under the same category like having fully fledged HTML browser or multitasking capabilities.

The devices also lack in high quality cameras. For instance, its flagship model, the Nokia Asha 502 only features 5MP camera with LED display, a far cry from the 20.7MP camera sported by Sony Xperia Z1. Data carrier-wise, the series only support up to 3G to date.


The start of 2014 looks promising for the series with the introduction of its latest model, the Nokia Asha 503. Featuring a 3-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen display, 5MP camera and Dual SIM capabilities, the handset is a great-looking budget phone which is more than adequate for calls, texts and social networking. It has yet to reach the country, but when it does, it would certainly take the low budget feature phone market by storm.

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