Aug 15, 2016

Do you know what the most popular smartphone case in Japan is?

Tough case, Slim case, Flip case, there are lots of cases to choose from today, but can you guess what the most popular case people buy in Japan is?

How do you pick your smartphone case? Do you go for all around protection like military-grade tough cases or just want to protect your smartphone from scratches with slim cases or even flip ones? Though this cannot be an argument and is solely based on one's personal preferences. The majority of the people living in Japan choose to use a certain type of smartphone case which rather shows their character many have always known them for.

If you think that most of them use a power bank battery case because they are well-known to be busy people or are real workaholics, you're wrong. As a matter of fact, the most popular smartphone case in Japan is rather a Diary type case. A flip case that comes along with a card pocket. It's popularly used amongst both Android and iPhone users, young or old, male or female, working people and even students.

Aside from the business-oriented image they have, their selection of which smartphone case to use also shows their life style and how they value convenience. Some people may not have realized this yet, but Japanese have been developing products (hardware or software) for the sole purpose of providing a simple yet more convenient way.

A Diary type case is a good example of this in every aspect. Aside from getting the protection you need for your smartphone from the display, sides and the back, you also get to put your Credit/Debit cards or NFC cards depending on the pockets available on your choice of case. If you're wondering why having a pocket inside a smartphone case is such a big deal in Japan, well, like we said "convenience". Most stores and even public transportation (train, bus, and taxis) comes with NFC readers. So instead of taking out their card(s) from their bag, wallet, or pockets and since they have their phones in their hand most of the time (may it be work related or not), Diary type case is a no brainer choice.

So rather than going with fashion or tough protection, majority of them choose to go with the case that is better fit to their life style. How about you? What smartphone case do use?

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