Sep 23, 2016

Muzik One is the smartest headphones on the market

Love music? The Muzik One by startup Muzik promises to give you a smart listening experience!

Do you love listening to music? Music has become a big part of majority of us, and most of us listen to our favorite tunes wherever we can, whether we are commuting, doing tasks, or enjoying our downtime. Music tends to soothe us, and at times even elevate our level of concentration, so for some, it is important to have the best experience possible, which includes having a decent pair of headphones or earphones and a decent enough music player that can churn out our tunes in high quality.

Twitter-backed startup company Muzik is gunning to raise the level in which we enjoy our headphones, and has decided to come out with the Muzik One, the pair which they dub as the "smartphone of headphones". Muzik integrated some innovative features into their newest offering, promising that their headphones will be a cut above the rest.

Sparing no expense in the wow factor, Muzik has even enlisted the Hot Convict Jeremy Meeks who has gone viral on social media last year and has since gone on to have a successful modeling career. Meeks can be seen in Muzik's latest ad promoting the Muzik One.

Diving into the technicalities, the Muzik One sports capacitive hotkeys which can be found on the ear cups, and allows you to control internet-based services such as Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and IFTTT (If This Then That). Just to give you a background, IFTTT is a program that triggers certain actions if there is a change in condition, example, if you play Spotify, based on your preferences, it will trigger IFTTT to post on either Facebook or Twitter about the tunes your listening to. I don't really care much for that since I am a big privacy advocate, but if that is more your thing, then this will work perfectly for you. The combination of built-in software on the Muzik One allows you to perform multiple actions at the tap of a button.

For the audiophiles out there, it features 40mm drivers, and the cups can be interchanged so that you can use it on-ear or over-the-ear. It supports HD audio and makes use of passive noise elimination. It has a 30-hour battery life, and can be used for phone calls through the dual microphones and Bluetooth (which has a 50-foot range). Muzik says that they are targeting Beats and Level On as their competition, and since it's priced at USD 299, they seem like they stand a chance in that space.

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