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P8,650.00 (8 Prices)

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About GE Microwave Ovens

The global digital industry has certainly boomed in the past couple of years with the consumers demanding innovative products to complement their creativity. GE digital cameras is one of the brands which stepped up to the challenge, offering a wide and diverse selection of stylish and sophisticated cameras for Filipinos from all walks of life.


General Electric or GE stood by its latest catch phrase, "Imagination at Work" all throughout its existence. The company, which has a headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA, actually operates several divisions including Infrastructure, Consumer and Industrial, Capital Finance and Technology. Based on gross revenue, GE was ranked 26th in the US by Fortune 200 and was also name 14th Most Profitable in 2011.

Although the brand initially offered electricity and power related products since its formation in 1896 when Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company merged, it eventually grew into a multi-conglomerate corporation. It remains a powerful player in lighting and the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity (nuclear, solar and gas) and has made a name in other industries such as medical imaging, aircraft jet engines, aviation, railway locomotives and motors.

More than half of the company’s revenue is actually generated by its financial division, cementing its image as a financial company with a manufacturing arm. GE is also popular for its General Imaging digital cameras. It has certainly proven that it is worthy of being sold side by side with other popular branded digital cameras with its dedication to excellence and ensuring quality and value for money.

Popularity in the Philippines

Since its decision to enter the local market, GE has gained a following among consumers who would like to own sophisticated digital cameras that come complete with industry best features. These features include auto scene, red eye removal, touch screen, zoom lens, image stabilization, auto brightness, Face + AE, HD TV output, HDR and ISO. The cameras also boast of large LCD screens which most Filipinos prefer. In order to make sure each need and budgetary concern is met, GE introduced several collections:

  • Smart Series: loaded with features but customer enjoy value for money. Features include optical zoom, pancapture, smile detection, HD 720p video and face detection. The cameras are also compact in size and available in a variety of colours including Silver, Black and Red.
  • Active Series: designed for people on the go. The cameras are made with durable metal housing and are shockproof and waterproof.
  • Power Series: as its name suggests, these digital cameras exude power with its slim metal housing, glass lens, lithium battery, touch screen controls, and of course, intuitive hi-tech features.
  • Power Pro Series: if you are looking to make a long term investment, you should consider one of these digital cameras. Not only do they come with the latest in digital technology but they also exude class with their sophisticated design.

Official Stores

What makes GE popular in the country is that they are priced relatively low which comes as a surprise for many considering that it bears a really huge brand name. Prices range from P2700 to P12000 depending on the model and features. GE digital cameras are available in most major mall chains and can even be bought online from reputable retailers and sellers. You should try comparing prices first to get the most value for your money.


You can expect GE, the business giant, to do well in 2014 as the company was recently awarded a contract amounting to about $675 billion by the US Department of Defence at the beginning of 2014. The news came in the light of the downgrading of GE by Oppenheimer from "perform" rating to "outperform" rating. As for its digital camera line, GE was supposedly set to introduce its first interchangeable camera lens (ILC) but the CEO and President of General Imaging Asia stated that it would actually be a challenge to do so since ILC makers still have the exclusive rights over the said technology. In the meantime, it will focus on producing compact cameras with higher zoom capabilities and better performance than their predecessors.

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