Apr 13, 2017

Adidas Comes Out with Tubular Shadow with Quilted Uppers

It's everything you love about the Tubular but with a unique quilted design.

When people think of Adidas, many think of either NMDs or Yeezys. But the thing is, while those two designs are extremely popular among sneakerheads (and bandwagoners), there's another design that's not only understated but also a lot more affordable than the hyped-up Yeezys.

The Adidas Tubular Shadow is a super versatile shoe that comes in a huge assortment of styles, designs, and colors. It's most distinctive feature? Other than the supreme comfort of wearing a pair, it's easily recognizable because of its Flyknit upper. But since even NMDs and Yeezys get the same Flyknit treatment (albeit in bolder hues), the Tubular Shadow gets a unique, more textured look.

The Adidas Tubular Shadow with quilted uppers features a crimped and stitched fabric upper in an ultra-light beige colorway from top to bottom. It may have that bold diamond 3D patterns, but it's super sleek, clean, yet still, stands out. It's the perfect balance between high fashion and street style, so it can go with literally any outfit – from jogger pants and a fitted top to your usual running attire!