Dell Inspiron Laptops Price List in Philippines January 2017

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Dell Inspiron 14-3442

Dell Inspiron 14-3442

  • Core i3, Core i5, Pentium Dual Core, Ce...
  • DDR3L, 2GB, 4GB, HDD, 500GB, 1TB
  • 14 inches, Free DOS, Linux, UBUNTU
P17,112.00 - (4 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 15-5558

Dell Inspiron 15-5558

  • Core i5, Core i7, 2.2 GHz
  • DDR3, 8GB, HDD, 1TB
  • 15.6 inches, Windows 8.1
P36,996.00 - (3 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 14

Dell Inspiron 14

  • Core i5, Core i7, up to 2.6GHz
  • DDR3, 6GB, 4GB, 500GB, 32GB
P24,745.00 - (4 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 15-5547

Dell Inspiron 15-5547

  • Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, 1.9 GHz ,up ...
  • DDR3L, 16GB, HDD+SSD/eMMC, 500GB, 8GB
  • 15.6 inches (touch screen and non-touch...
P50,988.00 (1 Price)
Dell Inspiron 15-3531

Dell Inspiron 15-3531

  • Celeron Dual Core
  • DDR3, 4GB, HDD, 500GB
  • 15.6 inches, Windows 8.1
- (0 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 11-3147

Dell Inspiron 11-3147

  • Pentium Quad Core, Celeron Dual Core, C...
  • DDR3L, 4GB, HDD, 500GB
P30,975.48 - (4 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 14-7447

Dell Inspiron 14-7447

  • Core i5, Core i7, i5-3M Cache, up to 3....
P43,980.00 - (3 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 14-5442

Dell Inspiron 14-5442

  • Core i3, Core i5, 1.7GHz up to 2.7GHz
  • DDR3, 8GB, 4GB, HDD, 500GB
  • 14inches, Windows 8 Single Language, Wi...
P25,990.00 - (2 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 14-3421

Dell Inspiron 14-3421

  • Celeron, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Pen...
  • DDR3, 2GB, HDD, 1TB, 500GB
  • 14inches, Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro
- (0 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 14-5447

Dell Inspiron 14-5447

  • Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, up to 3.1 GHz
  • DDR3, 16GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, HDD, 1TB, 500GB
P30,900.00 - (2 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 11z

Dell Inspiron 11z

  • Pentium Dual Core, 1.3GHz
  • DDR2 SDRAM, 2GB, HDD, 320GB
  • 11.6inches, Windows Vista Home Premium
P18,999.00 (1 Price)
Dell Inspiron 14-N4050

Dell Inspiron 14-N4050

  • Core i3, Core i5, Pentium, 2.30 GHz up ...
  • DDR3, 2GB, HDD, 640GB, 500GB
  • 14inches, Windows 7 Home Premium
P21,800.00 (1 Price)
Dell Inspiron 13-7347

Dell Inspiron 13-7347

  • Core i3, Core i5
  • DDR3L, 4GB, 8GB, HDD, 500GB
  • 13.3 inches LED Backlit Touch Display w...
P36,684.00 - (4 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 14-3437

Dell Inspiron 14-3437

  • Core i3, Core i5, Celeron Dual Core, up...
  • DDR3, 4GB, 2GB, HDD, 500GB, 750GB
  • 14 inches, Windows 8 Single Language
- (0 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 13-7348

Dell Inspiron 13-7348

  • Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, 2.2GHz up to...
  • DDR3L, 4GB, 8GB, HDD, 500GB
  • 13.3 inches, Windows 8.1
P36,684.00 - (3 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 13-7359

Dell Inspiron 13-7359

  • Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, i3-6100U(2.3...
  • 4GB, 8GB, HDD, SSD, 500GB, 256GB
  • 13.3 inches, Windows 10 Home
P45,852.00 - (13 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 15-5542

Dell Inspiron 15-5542

  • Core i3, Core i5, 1.7GHz up to 2.7GHz
  • DDR3L, 8GB, 4GB, HDD, 500GB
  • 15.6 inches, Windows 8 Single Language,...
P32,990.00 - (4 Prices)
Dell XPS 12

Dell XPS 12

  • Core i5, Core i7, 2.6GHz, up to 3.0 GHz
  • DDR3, 4GB, SSD, 256GB, 128GB
  • 12.5inches, Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro
P79,980.00 - (2 Prices)
Dell Inspiron 11-3148

Dell Inspiron 11-3148

  • Core i3, 1.7GHz
  • DDR3, 4GB, HDD, 500GB
  • 11.6 inches, Windows 8.1
P32,688.00 (1 Price)
Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Dell Inspiron Mini 10

  • Atom, 1.6GHz
  • DDR2, 1GB, HDD+SSD/eMMC, 250GB, 32GB
  • 10.1incheses, Windows 7 Starter
P80,795.00 (1 Price)
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About Dell Inspiron

Having been around for almost a decade, the Dell Inspiron laptops started out as a budget or entry level personal computers. Over the years, the company has honed its products and settled on manufacturing mid-level computer systems. Today, the brand is synonymous to quality yet affordable laptop computers.

Popularity in the Philippines

The brand Dell Inspiron has always been a local favorite primarily because of the fact that the company never failed to deliver on its promise of affordable yet quality laptops. It has been enjoying a healthy share of the market and continues to be popular among Filipinos.

Product Description

From everyday computing tasks to portable state-of-the-art multimedia laptops, Dell Inspiron has got a model for you. Customers will love the different variety of laptop computers, each one offering something unique. Of course, all personal computers come with the Dell guarantee of superb craftsmanship and solid built.

Here are the latest models you can choose from:

Inspiron 11 3000 Series: this compact yet feature-rich laptop is the perfect everyday companion as it allows you to travel light while feeling ready for anything that comes your way. This model comes with Windows 8 operating system and powered by 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron processor. It also has a 4GB dual channel DDR3, up to 500GB hard drive and Intel HD Graphics. The model features an 11.6 inch LED backlit touch display with Truelife and HD resolution, 2 speakers with Waves Maxx Audio, 1 combo headphone, HD capable webcam with dual digital microphones, HDMI slot, Bluetooth, spill resistant keyboard, Multitouch touchpad with integrated scrolling and gestures, Wireless capabilities and a load of software including PocketCloud, Dell Backup and Recovery, Microsoft Office 2013 Trial, Adobe Premiere, and Skype.

Inspiron 14: this budget friendly laptop might be the one you are looking for as it offers portability and powerful performance. It is thin at 2.54 cm and stylish and comes with onboard DVD RW drive as well as a huge storage space for all your multimedia files including movies, photos and music. This laptop also offers optional touch functionality for those days when you simply want everything faster and more efficient. Swipe, tap, minimize or zoom – all with your fingers. It is powered by a 4th Generation Intel Core processor and runs on Windows 8 operating system. It also features HDMI, USB 3.0 and 8-in-1 memory card reader ports.

Inspiron 14 3000: if you are after superb portability, then this is the model for you. The laptop boasts of a premium yet lightweight built with spill resistant keyboard, durable components and heavy duty hinges. It also has a long lasting battery so you can work longer unplugged and never have to worry about running out of juice. The laptop is also equipped with USB 3.0 technology which allows for speedy transfer of files. The 14 inch touch display offers brilliant HD resolution and guarantees crisp colours and impressive details whether you are watching a movie, checking out photos or playing games. This model also comes with a 4th Generation Intel Core processor, Windows 8 operating system and built in DVD drive.

Inspiron 15 3000: now for a versatile 15-inch laptop, you might want to check out this model. It certainly works hard to deliver the best multimedia experience with its 4th generation Intel Core processor, 2GB discrete graphics option, HD display with touch feature, and built in DVD drive. It comes with a long lasting battery and allows you to save as many as photos, videos and music files as you want with up to 1TB of hard drive. It comes with a built in media card reader as well as USB 3.0 technology for transferring files faster.

Inspiron 17 7000: for those who simply want the best, meet this Dell Inspiron model. With its sleek aluminium design with Corning Gorilla glass and backlit keyboard, and desktop power, you will not want anything else. It features a large 17.3 inch display with optional touch capability, Windows 8 operating system, 4th Gen Intel Core processor, and built in DVD.


Laptops under the Dell Inspiron Series are indeed durable. The latest models, despite them being mid-level, come with quite impressive features. They are also very much affordable, a fact which delights the average consumer.


For those looking for more power will be most likely disappointed with the Dell Inspiron laptops. But you have to remember that they are designed as mid-range and you certainly get more for its price.

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