Jun 9, 2016

HP and MSI create's Ghostbusters backpack computer for VR

HP and MSI just came up with a solution in granting portability for your VR and PC through a Ghostbusters-like backpack allowing you bring it anytime and anywhere you go.

Owning a VR headset is totally cool for those who love gaming especially if you use the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, but with a big desktop computer somewhat limits the full experience, given all the wires. HP has shown us a VR gaming PC where you can strap the rig to the users back called the HP Omen X VR PC Pack.

The portable VR ready PC weigh less than 10 pounds, literally a gaming desktop turned into a backpack. Its VR headset is still connected to the PC while the PC itself is strapped to the user's bag (imagine it swaying as you play along.

Although the HP Omen desktop works best with the HTC Vive, according to HP, using the Oculus Rift on the device wouldn't be an issue as well. It uses a battery belt pack that stores two batteries connected to the backpack with the use of a cable. These batteries are hot-swappable so replacement of the batteries while keeping the system going won't be a problem. The HP Omen is said to be capable of providing 1 hour of playtime when fully charge.

HP also mentioned that they are planning to create another device similar to the Omen desktop but did not disclose the device's features.

MSI, on the other hand, also made their own version called the MSI Backpack PC. MSI backpack desktop is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor combined with a NVIDIA GTX980 graphics card and was just launched at the Computex event in Taipei last week. Given the outrageous idea of being able to carry around a CPU on your back, we wonder how these PC backpacks can handle heat transfer and not to mention movement?

The HP and MSI backpack may not be the best VR ready PCs but it's certainly the best option for VR users on the go. (We're clueless as to where and when will they be using the device?)