Union Electric Fans Price List in the Philippines May 2017

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updated on May 24, 2017, 22:50

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Union Electric Fans Price 2017

Latest Union Electric Fans Price
Union UGTF-18WF P2,799
Union UGTF-18FF P3,150
Union UGTF-16FF P3,150
Union UGSF-1643RC P1,598
Union UGSF-1641RC P1,348
Union UGSF-1639 P1,098
Union UGSF-1625R P1,767
Union UGSF-1600 P1,752.75 -
Union UGM-DF1629 P1,899
Union UGM-DF1628 P998 -
Union UGTF-18WF Union UGTF-18WF

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