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Canon EOS 600D Kit Digital Cameras
P21,000.00 - (34 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - with Lens, 18MP(Ef...
  • ISO100-6400
  • 30-1/4000
Canon EOS 1100D Kit Digital Cameras
P15,490.00 - (25 Prices)
    • Black
    • Metallic Gray
    • Red
    • Brown
  • DSLR - with Lens, 12.2MP(...
  • ISO100-3200
  • 30-1/4000
Canon EOS 60D Kit Digital Cameras
P30,300.00 - (31 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - with Lens, 18MP(Ef...
  • ISO100-6400
  • 30-1/8000
Canon EOS 1200D Kit EF S18-55 IS II Digital Cameras
P17,792.00 - (7 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - with Lens, 18MP
  • ISO 100 - ISO 12800
Canon EOS 1000D Kit Digital Cameras
P19,500.00 - (4 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - with Lens, 10.1MP
  • ISO100-1600
  • 30-1/4000
Canon EOS 6D Body Digital Cameras
P65,500.00 - (10 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - body only, 20.20mp
  • ISO100-12800(Basic Zone)
  • 30-1/4000
Canon EOS 7D Body Digital Cameras
P39,900.00 - (14 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - body only, 18MP(Ef...
  • ISO100-6400
  • 30-1/8000
Canon EOS 100D Body Digital Cameras
P22,400.00 - (5 Prices)
    • Black
    • White
  • DSLR - body only, Approx....
  • ISO 100 - ISO 6400
  • 30-1/4000
Canon EOS 550D Kit Digital Cameras
P28,945.00 - (13 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - with Lens, 18MP(Ef...
  • ISO100-6400
  • 30-1/4000
Canon EOS 100D KIT 18-55 IS II Digital Cameras
P23,624.12 - (15 Prices)
    • Black
    • White
  • DSLR - with Lens, Approx....
  • ISO 100 - ISO 6400
  • 30-1/4000
Canon EOS 5D Mark II Body Digital Cameras
P40,790.00 - (4 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - body only, 21.1MP
  • ISO100-6400
  • 30-1/8000
Canon EOS M Kit Digital Cameras
P16,623.63 - (24 Prices)
    • Black
    • Silver
    • White
    • Red
  • Mirrorless, 18mp
  • Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800,...
  • 1/4000, bulb, flash sync ...
Canon EOS 70D Body Digital Cameras
P39,868.91 - (5 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - body only, Approx....
  • ISO 100-12800
  • 1/8000 to 30 sec
Canon EOS 500D Kit Digital Cameras
P28,349.55 - (5 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - with Lens, 15.10MP...
  • ISO100-3200
  • 30-1/4000
Canon EOS 450D Kit Digital Cameras
P35,990.00 - Used : P20,000.00 - (4 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - with Lens, 12.2MP
  • ISO100-1600
  • 30-1/4000
Canon EOS 1100D Body Digital Cameras
P17,444.00 - (2 Prices)
    • Black
    • Gray
    • Red
    • Brown
  • DSLR - body only, 12.2MP
  • 100-3200
  • 1/60-1/4000
Canon EOS 5D MarkIII Body Digital Cameras
P115,000.00 - (11 Prices)
    • Black
  • DSLR - body only, 22.3mp
  • ISO100-102800
  • 30-1/8000

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All are the same just be sure that the lens that you wanted t buy is okay not only for the outer design , I have my Canon 650D not so good when it comes to the design but the lenses , the photos this ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.6
  • Review by J. Lunas
  • Date : Mar 29, 2015

Malaki lang taalga tignan pero sobrang light lang ito bitbitin , Yung frame kasi nito o yung housing Hindi metal so , Plastic pero makapal kaya okay lang mas okay narinj kesa sa metal na cover ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.9
  • Review by Grace Macy
  • Date : Mar 27, 2015

Looking forward to have lots of memories and fun using this camera , After I change the battery of this Canon 1D , there's no more problem for draining battery and always charging , I said to my self ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.8
  • Review by STcY N109
  • Date : Mar 23, 2015

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Rocky Morla

Juat Asking

Is this camera is brand new or second hand? just asking :) ..

  • Last updated : Apr 5, 2015
  • Posted by Rocky Morla
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

Marycris Lee

1D pero 200K

Bakit mahal ito eh 1D effects lang naman ? Anong meron dito na sulit naman yung 200K ko? pwede ba malaman yung lens resolution nito pati yung display ?Maraming salamat

  • Last updated : Feb 24, 2015
  • Posted by Marycris Lee
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Carlito Urbanez


Is there any difference between the lens of this camera into other DSLR cam? for example the image stabilizer capacity, I think it has the same but they have different usage right?

  • Last updated : Feb 8, 2015
  • Posted by Carlito Urbanez
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

About Canon

Considered to be one of the largest Japanese manufacturers of optical and imaging products, Canon has made its name synonymous to high quality cameras. The multinational corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


With an original name of Precision Optical Industry, Co. Ltd, the company’s present name was actually derived from Japan’s very first 35mm camera prototype, the Kwanon, which was first produced in 1934. By 1947, the company has decided to change its name to Canon Camera Inc and eventually in 1969 shortened to Canon, Inc.

Initially, the company obtained its camera optical glasses from Nikkor (otherwise known today as Nikon Corporation) as it did not possess the facility and technology to produce its own. But it was proud of its accomplishments including developing the first indirect X-ray camera, field zoom lens for television broadcasting and first movie camera with zoom lens called the Reflex Zoom 8. Canon also introduced its single lens reflex or SLR in 1965 which is still quite popular until today. Of course, with the evolution of technology, more innovative Canon cameras were eventually introduced including the following:

  • Canon AE-1, which was the first camera to have an imbedded micro-computer
  • EOS 650 – an autofocus camera
  • EOS RT – world’s first AF SLR with fixed, semi transparent pellicle mirror
  • EOS 5 – first camera with eye controlled AF
  • Powershot – the company’s first digital camera
  • EF 75-300mm – first commercially available SLR lens with internal image stabilization
  • EOS 1N RS –world’s fastest AF SLR with continuous shooting speed of 10 frame/s at a time

Throughout its existence, Canon never failed to impress consumers with cameras which can only be described as works of art. We certainly expect a lot more from this company as it continues to revolutionize the industry.

Popularity in the Philippines

Canon cameras continue to be among the favorite especially as they are consistent in delivering high quality photo images. They offer a wide array of choices under different collections. From amateurs to professionals, Canon has got something which truly fits your needs and most especially budget. To help you make the right choice, here is a brief description of their collection.

  • EOS Series: for the true photography fanatic. This collection boasts of an impressive selection of cameras for beginners, advanced amateurs and professionals. Accessories to complement various photographic situations are also available.
  • IXUS Series: compact and stylish. True modern-day cameras which prides themselves for their functionality and affordable prices
  • PowerShot Series: as its name implies, this collection features cameras that are conveniently compact but powerful enough to deliver photographic excellence.
  • EOS M Series: definitely not your ordinary digital camera as it can capture superb full HD video with its APS-C sized sensor. Cameras under this collection are also compatible with the various EF lenses for limitless creativity.

Official Stores

Canon cameras are sold all over the country in various stores. It would not be hard to find these cameras as most major mall appliance chains carry them as well as your ordinary hobby and gadget stores. For those interested, you can always shop and compare prices as they could vary from store to store. There are also online stores which offer them and you can opt to pay for them using your credit card.

What is great about Canon is that they offer excellent customer care support particularly repair services. Each Canon camera also comes with an E-warranty which can be registered via SMS or text messaging. You can even monitor the status of any repair service online by simply providing the product serial number and the reference number.Canon can be contacted thru its website at, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


2013 was indeed a great year for the manufacturing giant as it was able to introduce into the market new camera models and series. Among the highlights of the year includes the Canon Powershot A series and its first 50x zoom Powershot SX50 HS. The company is also looking into incorporating a 100x zoom soon on its future Powershot cameras, breaking the current 60x zoom record. Also, in a Reuters report, Canon is projected to be one of the three camera brands which are likely to stay on top of the industry. The other two are Sony and Nikon.

Canon Products Categories in Philippines

About EOS

Named after the Titan Greek Goddess, the Canon EOS series is comprised of autofocus single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. The acronym also stands for Electro-Optical System). The very first model was introduced in 1987 the Japanese company, Canon Inc.

Popularity in the Philippines

Filipinos, who are into photography as a hobby, expression of their creative side or full time work, know they have found a match in the Canon EOS collection. The series offers a wide range of camera products to choose from, befitting all sorts of styles, preferences and budget. The brand has always been a household name since its introduction in the market almost 3 decades ago and is sure to continue being popular in the market.

Product Description

The heart of the Canon EOS camera series is the bayonet style EF Lens mount. Unlike the older FD mount, this mount has no mechanical linkages between the moving parts. The direct drive system easily allows for larger aperture lenses, which certainly delighted many users.

Since 2007, the company has manufactured almost 40 EOS cameras with its very first camera, the EOS 650, delivered in 1987, which used films. The cameras come with many innovative features including the following:

-Eye controlled focusing: with this feature, users can select the desired autofocus point in the scene they are interested in. The point is actually based on where the user is looking in the viewfinder frame. Such feature is extremely helpful especially in sports photography where subjects are prone to suddenly shifting positions.

-Quick Control Dial: the large quick control dial at the back of every EOS camera is certainly a heaven sent for both professionals and presumes. It allows for easy and efficient adjustment of parameters with the thumb and fast access to often-used camera functions including exposure compensation, shifting to manual exposure and scrolling the images. This way, users can choose to operate the camera even with just a single hand.

-Multi Point Auto Focus System: this feature is presently available in top-of-the-line EOS cameras. With a higher number auto focus points, users can enjoy a higher chance of capturing a sharply focused photograph in situations where subjects are moving at high speed across the frames such as in sports or wildlife environment/situations.

As of 2014, the series’ flagship is the EOS-ID X. This camera has a full frame 18.1 MP CMOS sensor and Dual DIGIC 5+ Image processor which assures high quality image capture at up to 12 frames per second and even 14 frames per second in super high speed mode. It also has a powerful ISO range of between 100 to 51200 (up to 204800 in H2 mode) which means you can enjoy sharp, low noise images even in low light conditions.

The camera boasts of the highest levels of focus speed and accuracy even during the most challenging of shooting conditions, thanks to the 61 point High Density Reticular AF and 100,000 RGB Metering Sensor, which actually utilises a dedicated DIGIC 4 Image processor. Perfect for all kinds of photographers, from wedding to extreme sports, this camera provides speed, precision and incomparable ruggedness.


There are plenty of reasons why you would love the Canon EOS series. For starters, it offers buyers with many choices from entry level to professional. The cameras also perform well even in low light conditions with its flagship capable of capturing high quality burst shots at high speed. Users can also expect the cameras to have excellent noise control. Take note that the company designs and manufactures its own CMOS sensors, a huge advantage especially in the after-sales service. Price tag also lives up to your expectations. You can also expect the cameras to survive years of constant use especially made easier with its efficient control layout and comfortable grips.


Some of the models tend to be on the heavy side which is a bummer for those who want to enjoy more portability in their SLR cameras. Price of some of the models can be quite exorbitant; but as long as you know what you are buying into (and know how to use the many features) then you should be fine.

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