Jul 21, 2016

ROCCAT Sova Promises to Solve your Living Room PC Gaming Problems

For PC gamers that can't resist gaming on a coach, the ROCCAT Sova wants to be your best friend.

One thing that the PC Master Race has always had problems with, is gaming in the living room. Unlike typical gaming consoles which were made to be played in the living room on your couch with your HD TV and a handy wireless gamepad, PC gamers prefer to play with a mouse and a keyboard, often to disastrous effect when in the living room.

Various solutions have come and gone throughout the years, usually in the form of a lapboard that simulates a breakfast in bed tray with your keyboard and mouse on it. The solutions have never been elegant, but ROCCAT wants you to believe that they've finally cracked it with the ROCCAT Sova.

The Sova is a gaming lapboard which is supposed to bring your keyboard and mouse with you to the living room. It's basically a huge plastic tray measuring 11 x 9.5 inches, that has a built-in keyboard and a large mouse pad. The entire thing weights 2.35kg, and isn't exactly light on the lap, but at least that makes it less likely to go flying the moment your knee jerks.

You can plug in any gaming mouse you prefer; it has two USB 2.0 ports along with a wire channel on the underside for your mouse wire. You can switch out the mouse pad section for any mouse pad you prefer, although there are limits to what kind of mouse pad you can lodge into it. The keyboard portion is built in and can't be changed. It does come in membrane and mechanical varieties, so you have the option of choose what sort of keyboard you get, but the Sova goes for USD 300 (about PHP 14,000) so at that price you'll probably want to opt for mechanical keys.

It's unclear what switches the Sova uses, although knowing ROCCAT it's probably Cherry MX switches in blue, black, red or brown varieties. The biggest issue with the Sova is the 4m wire that runs from it to your PC, though for some players who are concerned about lag this is probably a handy feature.

Still, it's unclear why one should opt for ROCCAT's offerings over the more streamlined and wireless Razer Turret at half the price (USD 149), or the more robust Corsair Lapdog (USD 120). Considering that the unit is completely wired, it's arguable that it's way better and cheaper to just get a properly-sized piece of sanded and smoothened plywood and put your keyboard and mouse on it.