Jun 9, 2016

QWERKYWRITER: The vintage-looking wireless Bluetooth Enabled Typewriter

Fancy using a vintage typewriter on your modern device? Then check out the QWERKYWRITER.

Even though the QWERKYWRITER literally looks like a vintage typewriter, its actually a 21st century device that features Bluetooth capabilities allowing its users to connect to different devices such smartphones or tablets and then mounting them on top.

The vintage looking keyboard is made of an aluminum–metal alloy, painted with a matte black powder that delivers a vintage-inspired look together with a fine key caps creating nice clicking sounds. The QWERKYWRITER only weighs 1,253 grams and comes with a built-in stand that can hold tablets that measure up to 10 inches wide and a 1/2 inch thick. Tablets like the iPad Pro 12 inch, Samsung's, Surface 3 and Surface Pro 12 inch devices can fit in the without a fuss.

The QWERKYWRITER was supposed to arrive with USB and Bluetooth connections but only the Bluetooth was implemented on the finished product. The micro-USB port found on the device is only used for charging it. the vintage keyboard is also said to last up to one to three months on a single charge even when used heavily.

Despite all its impressive design and features, the QWERKYWRITER's built-in tablet stand might be troublesome for tablet or smartphone users. The mounting on the QWERKYWRITER is fixed making it possible to adjust the angle leaving its user to change their position instead. Another disadvantage on the QWERKYWRITER is the paper tray that block's some tablet model's home button.

If you still fancy buying the QWERKYWRITER get ready to pay USD349.00 for one and if you're worried if you can buy it from the Philippines, luckily, it's available for worldwide shipment.

The QWERKYWRITER is a combination of retro design with modern capabilities, guaranteed to catch the eye of any classic design loving techie.