May 27, 2016

New Gaming Chair RS-800RR a Cross Between Sports Car Bucket Seat and Hammock

For those looking for the ultimate in gaming comfort, look no further than the Bauhutte RS-800RR.

Gamers spend a lot of time sitting. Sedentary creatures they are, hunched up in their man cave (or woman cave) with their gadgets and going off on their adventures until way into the wee hours. Gamers know what they want, and companies are offering more and more gamer-targeted merchandise than ever before.

Today we have the Bauhutte RS-800RR, a chair specifically made for and marketed towards gamers. Bauhutte is a Japanese company that specializes in ergonomic office furnishings and accessories. Amidst their catalog of comfortable-looking chairs and adjustable tables, they've released a gamer's chair that looks like it was ripped straight out of a Japanese sports car.

It has a bucket seat design, which looks more at home in a Civic sports coupe than it does in an office or a desk. The cushioning has that futuristic look to it that you'd associate with Blade car accessories, and this seat wouldn't look out of place in a Blade store's inventory.
The cushioning is snug and designed to help you keep good posture while upright, and is exceptionally comfortable for long hours of gameplay. When you're tired, it reclines very low, mimicking the angle and comfort of sleeping in a hammock. The recliner can be fixed at any angle through the use of a lever at the left side. The arm rest is also fully adjustable depending on the height you need it to be at, and can be angled laterally.

The chair's armrests and legs are made of solid steel, with nylon and polyester upholstery and black polypropylene and polyurethane plastic at the contact points. All the metal parts are powder-coated in acrylic resin to keep it from rusting. The cushioning is made of urethane foam. The chair comes in three colors: orange, red and blue.

In addition, you can purchase two designs of chair mats to help prevent scuffing on the floor, lumbar support modules that attach to the back of the chair for those that need the additional support, a two-layer gel cushion for the seating that provides additional cushioning for your backside, and a lower back support stretcher for those with back pain.