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Canon Canon P-215II Scan-tini Mobile Document Scanner

P23,500 9% OFF P26,000 Lazada

OEM USB Universal Magnetic Card Barcode Reader Stripe Bidirectional Swipe - intl

P767.43 50% OFF P1,534.86 Lazada

Unbranded Wireless Wired Handheld Laser Scan Barcode Bar 2.4G (Black)

P2,199 26% OFF P3,000 Lazada

Unbranded LM800 2.4GHz Wireless USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Handheld Bar-code Reader ...

P1,499 21% OFF P1,899 Lazada

Unbranded RT-100 Barcode Scanner (Orange)

P999 60% OFF P2,500 Lazada

OEM YACGroup 2.4Ghz Wireless&Wired Laser Barcode Scanner Bar Code Reader+Free Case For ...

P1,500 25% OFF P2,000 Lazada

OEM S600 High-Speed A3 A4 A5 Document Photo Book ID Video Cam 5MP Scanner Visualizer - ...

P4,534.60 47% OFF P8,615.70 Lazada

OEM Desktop Laser Barcode 2D Scanning Platform Automatic Indication QR Scanner Code - intl

P3,668.29 54% OFF P8,146 Lazada

OEM High Speed Table Desktop Screen USB 2D Barcode Scanner&NFC Reader Fr Android IOS - ...

P3,630.13 54% OFF P8,061.30 Lazada

OEM T5Wire wireless barcode scanner 1D EAN13 UPCA/Edata Inventory collector Terminal - ...

P2,850.60 54% OFF P6,330.20 Lazada

OEM Data Inventory Management 433MHz Wireless Laser 1D EAN13 UPCA/E Barcode Scanner - intl

P3,959 38% OFF P6,394 Lazada

OEM Handheld 2.4G Wireless&Wired Laser Barcode Scanner Reader

P999.98 50% OFF P2,028 Lazada

OEM I2DBC024 45 scans/s 1D/2D/CCD/Screen Code QR PDF 417 Data Matrix Wired Handle Corded ...

P1,909 47% OFF P3,635 Lazada

OEM Eloam 10MP 3651x2738 Foldable High Speed 1s Scan A4 A5 HD Camera Scanner for Document ...

P8,203 30% OFF P11,825 Lazada

OEM High Quality 1D Laser Barcode Scanner 20 Lines Desktop Omnidirectional Bar code ...

P4,824 60% OFF P12,060 Lazada

OEM Portable High Speed A4 Office Bank Document 5.0MP HD Camera Scanner Visualizer - intl

P8,132.47 53% OFF P17,632 Lazada

OEM 2.4G Wireless Barcode Scanner Bar Code Reader Laser Barcode Scanner For Windows - intl

P1,264.06 54% OFF P2,807 Lazada

OEM USB Wired Handheld Laser Scan Barcode Bar Code Scanner Reader POS Decoder - intl

P976.58 46% OFF P1,833.50 Lazada

OEM 900DPI Wireless Portable Scanner HandHeld Mini Wand HD iScan A4 JPG PDF TF Card - intl

P1,916.72 51% OFF P3,958.40 Lazada

OEM H1800 CCD Sensor 1D Barcode Scanner Scanning Engine Bar Code Reader Scan Module(USB/RS...

P953.73 54% OFF P2,117.90 Lazada

OEM Data Inventory Management 433MHz Wireless Laser 1D EAN13 UPCA/E Barcode Scanner - intl

P3,908 38% OFF P6,394 Lazada

OEM HSP High Speed 900DPI iScan Wireless HD Portable HandHeld Mini Scanner A4 JPG PDF - ...

P2,490 40% OFF P4,150 Lazada

OEM L1000 A3 A4 A5 10Mega 3672*2856 Document Book Photo ID Scanner Camera New - intl

P5,759.99 30% OFF P8,233.99 Lazada

OEM Mini Portable 900DPI A4 Book Scanner LCD Display JPG/PDF Format Document Image Photo ...

P2,136 70% OFF P7,120 Lazada

OEM L1000 Mini A3 A4 A5 10Mega 3672*2856 Document Book Photo ID Scanner Camera New - intl

P3,999.99 52% OFF P8,342.30 Lazada

OEM CILICO CT80 Wireless Bluetooth 1D 2D QR Barcode Scanner QR Bar Code Reader - intl

P3,724 50% OFF P7,448 Lazada

OEM High-Resolution Scanner/Digital Converts Negatives Slides Photo Scan Film

P2,998 47% OFF P5,723 Lazada

OEM NTEUMM S2 Wireless Barcode Scanner 2000mAh Bar Code Reader 2.4G up to 50m Laser ...

P1,398 45% OFF P2,555 Lazada

OEM One-dimensional Barcode Scanner Handheld USB Wired Bar Code Reader for All Computer ...

P1,147 50% OFF P2,294 Lazada

OEM High-quality handhold Wired Barcode Scanner - intl

P1,715 45% OFF P3,142 Lazada

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About Scanners

A scanner is an electronic device that captures images of prints, posters, magazine pages, and similar sources which can be stored and viewed on the computer or other applications. Basically, a scanner analyzes an image and reproduce it to a digital form using an optical character recognition technique. It is the best tool to use to easily copy an image or document and save it as a soft copy file.

There are also different kinds of scanners that are used but the most common type are: flatbed scanners, sheetfed scanners, photo scanner and portable scanners.


Here are some information about different types of scanners to help you out.

  • Flatbed scanners – this type of scanner actually look like small printers but with a flip cover which protects the glass of the scanner screen. Depending on its size, this scanner can fit the standard short paper. This is good for scanning magazines, newspapers, or books.
  • Photo scanners - by the word itself it is use to scan photos, it doesn't really need high resolution or color depth. These are more expensive than an all-purpose scanner.
  • Sheetfed scanners – this type of scanner is smaller compared to the flatbed scanner. More expensive compared to photo and flatbed scanners depending on its speed and features, mostly this scanner is quite fast and loaded with features in capturing data.
  • Portable scanners - In fact there are pen scanners which you can carry around or bring it with you a bit bigger than a fountain pen which can scan the text of a document line by line.

Here are the best Scanners for 2018 according to consumer reports

  • ScanJet Enterprise Flow 7500 Flatbed OCR Scanner-It's capable to scan up to 3,000 pages per day. It's an all-around scanner and the best there is. Document or photo just name it and it can scan it for you. The most expensive one but for sure can do a lot of work for you.
  • Canon CanoScan LiDE220 - This one is also an all-around scanner but a bit more cheap and affordable. it can scan photos and documents and send them automatically to your cloud-based services like Evernote and Dropbox. It can automatically detect the sizing and adjust settings automatically. Both Windows and Mac operating systems can be used by this scanner.
  • Epson's Perfection V370 Photo Scanner - this is a high-resolution photo scanner which has the ability to scan films and slides.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Document Scanner This includes Wi-Fi connectivity and it can scan business cards, A4 and A3 paper sizes, including receipts and notes.
  • Visioneer RoadWarrior 4D Duplex Mobile Color Scanner. With its design and features this scanner is 11.5 inches long and 2.6 wide and 1.6 inches tall and weighs 1.1 pounds.
  • PenPower WorldCard Pro. Best tool to use in scanning business cards or any paper that has the measurement of 3.5 x 2 inches.
  • Epson Workforce DS-40 Color Portable Scanner. One of the cheapest of the mobile printers, small and light too.

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