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Canon Canon Pixma iP2870S Color inkjet Portable Printer

P1,900 54% OFF P4,200 Lazada

HP HP Ultra Ink Advantage 2520hc All-in-One Multi-Function Printer

P5,499 8% OFF P5,998 Lazada

Epson TM-H6000IV Multifunction Printer

P9,500 36% OFF P15,000 Lazada

Canon Canon SELPHY CP1300 Compact Photo Printer

P7,790 36% OFF P12,248 Lazada

Canon Canon Pixma IP2770

P2,495 16% OFF P3,000 Lazada

HP CISS Kit DIY for Canon and HP Complete Set

P745 53% OFF P1,600 Lazada

Zebra Zebra GC420D Thermal Printer

Although value priced, these printers are still engineered for reliability and longevity

P17,999 ELN Online Store

Thermal paper mini remote WiFi photo printer / memo message - intl

P4,987.76 4% OFF P5,237.15 Lazada

Silhouette America Silhouette Curio

The Silhouette Curio machine is a new DIY machine by Silhouette America soon to be released in the late summer of 2015. The Curio machine is not ...

P17,000 Tees and Prints Enterprise

Fujifilm Fuji Instax Checky Mini 8 Instant Polaroid Camera type 300- intl

P4,636 60% OFF P11,590 Lazada

MX6600 2 Line 10 Digits Per Line Price Gun Price Tag Gun Price Labeller With Labels

P450 49% OFF P899 Lazada

MEMOBIRD G2 Pocket Wireless Printer

P2,999 40% OFF P4,999 Lazada

Epson TMU 220D Printer Dot Matrix

P11,000 10% OFF P12,300 Lazada

MX-5500 Price Tag Gun Price Labeller

P499 Lazada

Crown MX-5500 Price Tag Gun Price Labeller With Labels

P474.05 47% OFF P899 Lazada

Brother Brother DR-2255/DR-450 drumkit unit

P1,250 58% OFF P3,000 Lazada

Epson TM-T58 Thermal Receipt Printer

P3,500 36% OFF P5,500 Lazada

Zebra GC 420T Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer 203dpi USB

P18,500 11% OFF P21,000 Lazada

Admiral Pr-04 Electronic Check writer / Cheque Printer

P48,000 17% OFF P58,000 Lazada

Silhouette America Silhouette Cameo

The Silhouette CAMEO® is your standard in electronic cutting. Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC or Mac® with a simple USB cable. ...

P17,000 Tees and Prints Enterprise

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About Printers

A printer is a device that takes data from a computer and produces output form of text or image on a paper.In 1938, Chester Carlson invented a dry printing process called Xerox it was also called electrophotography.

Types and Features

There are two types of printers: Impact Printers and Non Impact Printers

Impact Printers-are printers that needs to strike or make contact with the paper and Non Impact do not use striking device to product characters on the paper.These are some examples of Impact Printers: Dot Matrix, Daisy-Wheel, Line Printers, Drum Printers, Chain Printers and Band Printers.

What you need to know about the Impact Printers

Dot Matrix-these are inexpensive and typically can print at speed at 100-600 characters per second. They produce a buzzing noise, unless the printer has a sound deadening case, it is not suitable for quite areas or space.Now Daisy Wheel printers has a speed of 22-55 characters per second, that is really slow in printing. Next is the Line printer, ts uses a special mechanism that can print a whole lien at once which ranges 1,200-6,000 lines per minute and compared to the Drum printer its typical speed ranges at 300 to 2000 lines per minute.

Now with Chain printers, it uses a chain of print characters wrapped around two pulleys, the speed ranges from 400-2500 characters per minute and lastly the band printer it operates like the chain except it uses a band instead of chain, font styles can easily be changed by replacing a band or chain.

Non-Impact Printers are: Inkjet printers, Laser printers

InkJet printers works like a dot matrix printers similar by the form images or characters with little dots, however the dots are formed by droplets of ink.

Laser printers works like a photocopier, it also produces image son paper by direct laser beam at a mirror which bounces onto the drum. Many of us uses laser printer that can print eight pages per minute but faster and prints approximately 21,000 lines per minute.

Benefits of Impact Printers and Non-Impact Printers

Impact printers uses pressure to generate an image and since they print one line at a time instead of one page at a time, it is ideal for long form of paper design.

Non-Impact printers, on the other hand, have a much higher resolutions since it uses drops of inks instead of metal pins. It is also much quieter making it possible to be used out in open spaces.

IBM Printer- This was the first high speed, laser printer, and was also the first printer combined with laser technology and electrophotography. Hewlett-Packard- released teh LaserJet 4 in 1992. Then on 1976 the inkjet printer was invented.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Laser Printers

The main advantages of a laser printer is that it is more efficient and can print out hiquality text or graphics compared to other printers. It does not have distracting sounds and also they are capable of producing colorful prints.

Disadvantages of using a laser printer is simply that its really expensive compared to other printers. Also, the repair and service charge are also expensive so its really hard to maintain one of these printers.

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