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A4Tech Wireless Optical Mouse

P349 41% OFF P599 Lazada

Redragon Redragon Titanoboa 2 M802-2 Gaming Mouse

P1,850 5% OFF P1,950 Lazada

Zeus Zeus M-110 Lightning Chain Bolt Gaming Mouse

P98 87% OFF P799 Lazada

GEN GAME X3 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Joystick For Smartphone Tablet Smart TV TV box PC

P450 55% OFF P1,000 Lazada

ASUS Cerberus Mouse Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse

P1,110 Lazada

Xiaomi Xiaomi Portable Mouse Mi Mouse Bluetooth 4.0 / RF 2.4GHz Wireless Dual Modes ...

P798 38% OFF P1,300 Lazada

Unbranded LK006 Metal Backlight Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)with FREE Wireless ...

P498 68% OFF P1,599 Lazada

Redragon Redragon S101 Vajra USB Gaming Keyboard with Centrophorus USB Gaming Mouse (Black...

P988 41% OFF P1,688 Lazada

OEM EVKVO Wireless 5th-Gen Vertical Mouse Ergonomic Micro USB Input Built-in Li-Lion ...

P802 30% OFF P1,146 Lazada

Not Specified Rechargeable Wireless Mini Bluetooth 3.0 6D 1600DPI Optical Gaming Mouse ...

P485 60% OFF P1,213 Lazada

FANTECH Fantech T000 Office Mouse (Green)

P99 75% OFF P399 Lazada

APEDRA Apedra 2.4GHz Wireless Gaming Mouse E1800 Black with free Razer Goliathus Gaming ...

P600 Lazada

A4TECH A4TECH G3-200N Black+ Blue Wireless Mouse

P420 Lazada

A4TECH A4 Tech OP-720 USB Optical Mouse (Black)

P188 53% OFF P400 Lazada

ASUS Asus Ae-01 Multi-color USB Wired Optical Mouse

P491 Lazada

OEM Delux M618 PLUS Wireless Vertical Mouse Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Gaming Mouse

P1,086 53% OFF P2,343.18 Lazada

OEM YTRI Wireless Gaming Mouse rechargeable 1600Dpi Optical Colorful Backlight For Tablet ...

P369 63% OFF P1,012 Lazada

OEM MODAO Rechargeable Bluetooth4.0 And 2.4G Dual Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse Mice - intl

P440 60% OFF P1,100 Lazada

ASUS Asus P502 ROG Gladius II RGB Gaming Mouse

P5,170 Lazada

Logitech Logitech G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse

P3,287 35% OFF P5,100 Lazada

Alcatroz Alcatroz Airmouse 2 (2017) - Black

P299 40% OFF P499 Lazada

Wacom Intuos Draw CTL-490 Small 6 x 3.7 inch Digital Drawing and Graphics Surface Tablet (...

P4,068 26% OFF P5,500 Lazada

Gaming Mechanical Gaming Keyboard PS/2 Type with Free usb gaming mouse

P699 72% OFF P2,499 Lazada

Redragon Redragon M805 Hydra Gaming Mouse

P1,254 5% OFF P1,320 Lazada

Wacom Intuos Draw CTL-490 Small 6 x 3.7 inch Digital Drawing and Graphics Surface Tablet (...

P4,188 23% OFF P5,500 Lazada

YYSL 2.4GHZ Wireless Mouse Matte Cordless Optical Scroll Mice USB For PC Notebook - intl

P185 55% OFF P420 Lazada

1PCS USB Female to PS2 PS/2 Male Adapter Converter keyboard Mouse Mice - intl

P98 48% OFF P190 Lazada

Chroma C6 Gaming High Precision Wireless Optical Mouse (Black)

P250 50% OFF P500 Lazada

Q8 Wireless Optical Finger 2.4G USB Mice Mouse Tablet PC Laptop Desktop Charging (Black)

P320 78% OFF P1,485 Lazada

Q8 Wireless Optical Finger 2.4G USB Mice Mouse Tablet PC Laptop Desktop Charging (White)

P320 78% OFF P1,485 Lazada

TEAMWOLF Immortal Laser Gaming Mouse 4000DPI Adjustable RGB Backlight Wired Mechanical ...

P1,195 45% OFF P2,204 Lazada

SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse (Mouse)

P1,970 40% OFF P3,288 Lazada

Redragon gaming mouse COBRA M711 RGB

P1,250 50% OFF P2,500 Lazada

Raidmax Drakon DK 709 Gaming Chair with Footrest (Red)

P8,649 27% OFF P12,000 Lazada

Promate Clix-1 2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse With Nano USB Receiver (Black)

P490 55% OFF P1,090 Lazada

Promate Clix-3 Wireless Optical Mouse (Pink)

P590 54% OFF P1,290 Lazada

Promate Clix-3 Wireless Optical Mouse (Black)

P590 54% OFF P1,290 Lazada

PAlight Mini Small USB Wireless Mouse Cordless Mice For Laptop Notebook PC - intl

P220 50% OFF P440 Lazada

PAlight 2.4G USB Red Optical Wireless Mouse (Black)

P224 50% OFF P448 Lazada

PAlight Optical Wireless 2.4G Receiver Ultra-thin Mouse (White)

P196 50% OFF P392 Lazada

PAlight 2.4G USB Red Optical Wireless Mouse (Red)

P224 50% OFF P448 Lazada

OSMAN Black Ultra Thin Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Rechargeable Mouse VMW-181

P539 47% OFF P1,020 Lazada

Rechargeable Wireless Mouse 800/1200/1600 DPI Noiseless MAC/Laptop - intl

P231 64% OFF P647 Lazada

Iron.Man Wireless Mouse

P845 57% OFF P2,000 Lazada

G21 Rainbow USB Gaming Keyboard and GAMING MOUSE COMBO(BLACK)

P450 54% OFF P999 Lazada

Aggravation Mini USB Wired Backlit Gaming Gamer Mouse Support Multimedia Dual-Mode Switch+...

P715 19% OFF P883 Lazada

MagiDeal Wired Gaming Mouse Ergonomic LED RGB Mechanical Macros Define For Laptop - intl

P1,140 40% OFF P1,900 Lazada

LTGEM for G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse EVA Hard Case Travel Protective Carrying ...

P759 48% OFF P1,474 Lazada

LTGEM for MX Anywhere 2 / 2S Wireless Mobile Mouse EVA Hard Case Travel Protective ...

P969 31% OFF P1,416 Lazada

LTGEM for LogitechMX Master / LogitechMX Master 2S Wireless Mouse EVA Hard Protective ...

P1,099 39% OFF P1,802 Lazada

LTGEM EVA Hard Portable Case for Apple Magic Mouse 1/2 with Mesh pocket Fits Plug & ...

P809 26% OFF P1,100 Lazada

Small Mouse Pad Set of 10 (Black)

P370 Lazada

Lightning Power-Premium Soft Neoprene Sleeve Case Bag Pouch for Logitech Wireless ...

P580.50 53% OFF P1,250 Lazada

Kobwa Feet Shape Mouse Pad Thick Foam Cloth Wrist Rest Mice Mat(Black) - intl

P124 75% OFF P497 Lazada

KEBIAO KB308 Optical Wired Mouse Computer Gaming Mice USB 2.0

P149 50% OFF P299 Lazada

NOYOKERE New Arrival Mini Cute Wired Mouse USB 2.0 Pro Office Mouse Optical Mice For ...

P154.56 55% OFF P343.47 Lazada

Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 6D 1600Dpi Optical Gaming Mouse Mice - INTL

P293.02 55% OFF P651.16 Lazada

2.4G Wireless Bluetooth Optical Mouse Scroll Wheel for PC Laptop Black 400/800/1600DPI

P154.46 55% OFF P343.24 Lazada

JeDEL M20 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse FREE SHIPPING

P299 28% OFF P420 Lazada

HomeGarden Wired Finger Ring Mouse for Laptop Optical Handheld

P186 50% OFF P372 Lazada

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About Mouse

Its a device that you use to select objects inside a digital space which is mostly called as a mouse pointer which is derived from the task it performs mainly because it helps its users to look for something on the screen. There are two common kinds of mouse; wired and wireless mouse. It's also found using a laser or a ball type mouse both functions the same way except for the level of comfortability it can provide. It also comes in different sizes and shapes but still all are fit to left or right-hand use and on a flat surface. A normal mouse has typically two buttons in front and a scroll in the middle. A mouse is one of the essential tools in a computer and is very important to help you navigate on the screen, unless it's a touch screen or the device comes with a touch pad.


There are plenty types of mouse. Some are really rare to find and while some are very extra ordinary, like the 12-button Razer Naga Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse. This kind of mouse is the world's most precise gaming mouse because of its 16,000 DPI it is also comes in a one-size-fits-all ergonomic form factor to ensure your hand fits snugly for maximum comfort. Aside from that, there are also other kinds of mouse, some has the ordinary mouse which has two buttons which is the regular types but of course aside from wired mouses there are wireless mouse as well. The Logitech M570 is one example of a wireless mouse. The receiver is found at the back side of the mouse. Logitech Unifying receiver can connect up to six unifying compatible devices with one tiny wireless. It has a long battery life that can go for up to 18 months without changing the included AA battery.

Just like any other hardware the mouse also works with the proper device driver that is installed. A standard mouse works right out of the package because it's driver is likely already installed but for special software that is needed for an advanced mouse that has more functions it needs to be installed to work well, and the best way to install a missing driver is through the website for the manufacturer usually Logitech and Microsoft are the most popular manufacturers of mouses but still you will see other hardware makers as well.

A computer mouse is supported only on devices that has a graphical user interface. This is why you must use your keyboard when working with text only tools. While the likes of laptops, touch screen phones and tablets doesn't require a mouse, they all use the same way in connecting with the device.

No matter what kind of mouse you are using it would still work well with your computer, regardless if its a wireless or wired connection both can work the same. It would just depend which type you are comfortable using or what you would prefer to use. A Bluetooth wireless mouse connects via the computer's Bluetooth. If wired, mouse connects to the computer via USB using a Type A connector. Older mice connect via PS/2 ports.

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Darren Espanto Jr.

low battery

im using wireless na mouse, at times nagdodouble click ito basta hindi nagfufunction ng maayos, mahina na kaya ang battery o sira na ito?

  • Last updated : Jul 16, 2018
  • Posted by Darren Espanto Jr.
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Red Salubong

Paano mag set ng macro?

Paano mag set ng macro commands?

  • Last updated : Jun 7, 2018
  • Posted by Red Salubong
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connection probs

Bakit ayaw mag detect ng mouse na wireless ko sa macbook ko try ko naman siya sa ibang macbook okay naman pero sa akin ayaw.

  • Last updated : Mar 29, 2018
  • Posted by cOnsing
  • Replies of This topic : 2 Replies
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