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Cocotina PCI side-blown graphics card cooling fan mount bracket - intl

P592.81 40% OFF P988.01 Lazada

FANTECH FANTECH K210 114 Key Wired USB 2.0 PC Office Keyboard for PC Apple Mac Laptop

P360 64% OFF P1,000 Lazada

Gigaware Gigaware Chassis 15 Colorful LED 12 cm Long Cooling Fan 3PIN plus 4P (Green)

P229 61% OFF P599 Lazada

OEM DC 12V 4CM 2 Pin 2 Lines 4500RPM Brushless VGA Graphics Card Plastic Cool Cooler Fan ...

P136.10 50% OFF P272.20 Lazada

OEM 80mm mini Aluminum Computer Radiator Water Cooling Cooler Fans for CPU Heatsink - intl

P545 70% OFF P1,817 Lazada

Colorful NVIDIA GeForce GTX iGame 1050Ti GPU 4GB 128bit Gaming 4096M GDDR5 PCI-E X16 3.0 ...

P10,962 44% OFF P19,900 Lazada

Colorful NVIDIA GeForce GTX iGame 1050 GPU 2GB 128bit Gaming 2048M GDDR5 PCI-E X16 3.0 ...

P10,635 16% OFF P12,762 Lazada

Zotac Zotac ZT-P10810C-10P GTX 1080 AMP Ti Extreme 11GB GDDR5X 352-Bit IceStorm Cooling ...

P49,999 41% OFF P84,999 Lazada

OEM 220V 240V 8cm 80mm x 80mm x 25mm AC Metal Brushless Cooling Industrial Fan - intl

P412 60% OFF P1,030 Lazada

Not Specified SUNMALL 4 pin 4 connector New CPU Cooling Fan for HP Pavilion G4 G6 G7 g7-20...

P2,090 28% OFF P2,922 Lazada

SUNSKY Ice Troll II COOLCOLD Four Fans Cooling Pad Air-cooled Radiator Cooling Pads for ...

P1,613 29% OFF P2,304 Lazada

OEM Dsan USB 2.0 Adjustable Notebook Holder for macbook laptop cooler cooling pad with ...

P1,573 70% OFF P5,243 Lazada

OEM Notebook Cooler 5 LED Fans Adjustable Cooling Pad Holder for 12-17 inch Laptop - intl

P1,509 50% OFF P3,018 Lazada

OEM \Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Base USB 6 Fans Adjustable Angle Mounts Stand 17\"\" or ...

P1,320.30 55% OFF P2,934 Lazada

OEM Laptop Cooler Cooling Pads Super Mute 6 Fans Ice Cooling with Rack Stand and Built-in ...

P1,300 56% OFF P2,999 Lazada

OEM CoolCold Ice Magic USB 2.0 Four Fans Cooling Pad Radiator Cooling Pad For Gaming ...

P1,288 66% OFF P3,864 Lazada

OEM New Laptop cooler 2 USB Ports and Six cooling Fan laptop cooling pad Notebook Stand ...

P1,188 30% OFF P1,705 Lazada

FANTECH FANTECH HG13 Gaming Head Set Chief With Microphone

P1,100 50% OFF P2,200 Lazada

A8 Ergonomic Multi-Function Cooling Fan Laptop Desk Bed Table Folding Table With Salar KX-...

P1,099 45% OFF P1,999 Lazada

IETS 6 GT202 USB Laptop Fan Cooler w/Temperature Display Notebook Radiator Rapid Cooling ...

P1,074 16% OFF P1,289 Lazada

TEC-12706 Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System Kit Cooler Fan DIY ...

P960 50% OFF P1,920 Lazada

SY-C5 5-Fans LED Notebook Stand /Cooling Pad(Black) with Couple Leather Strap Watch (Multi...

P950 52% OFF P2,000 Lazada

HUG HUG USB LED Light Laptop Cooling Cooler Pad Stand 5-Fans (Black)

P735 47% OFF P1,388 Lazada

USB Dual Fan Vertical Cooling Charging Stand Dock PlayStation 4 Pro - intl

P719.10 55% OFF P1,598 Lazada

OEM FANTECH GS201 USB Mini Computer Speakers Subwoofer Heavy Bass Multimedia Speaker For ...

P708 53% OFF P1,520.38 Lazada

OEM Vertical Stand for PS4 PRO PlayStation Cooling Fan Controller Charging Station - intl

P703 73% OFF P2,610 Lazada

OEM Saywin S-4 Universal Four Fan Gaming Notebook Cooler Stand Cooling pad

P699 73% OFF P2,599 Lazada

CPU Cooling Fan Heatsink For Intel Core 2 LGA Socket 775 to 3.8G E97375-001 4Pin - intl

P651 50% OFF P1,302 Lazada

OEM Mobile Phone Cooler Cooling Fan Radiator Handle Game pad Clamp Clip Mount Holder ...

P625 50% OFF P1,250 Lazada

Vacuum Portable Notebook Laptop Cooler USB Air External Extracting Cooling Fan for Laptop ...

P578 54% OFF P1,280 Lazada

OEM USB Notebook Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Heatsink 3 Fan Cool for Computer PC - intl

P555.10 55% OFF P1,251.60 Lazada

\S500 Laptop Cooling Pad 12\"\"-17\"\" Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 Quiet Fans LED Lights and 2 ...

P550 63% OFF P1,500 Lazada

Ergonomic Design USB Notebook Stand and Cooling Pad Cooler Fan For Laptop

P549 45% OFF P1,000 Lazada


P530 64% OFF P1,500 Lazada

FANTECH O-PH Fantech Mini USB Powered Speakers For PC And Mobile GS-733 (White)

P525 47% OFF P998 Lazada


P500 37% OFF P799 Lazada

No Brand \Multi-Function SY-C5 For 12\"\"13\"\"15\"\"17\"\" Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling ...

P500 30% OFF P719 Lazada

Cooling Pad For Laptop (1 Fan)

P499 50% OFF P999 Lazada

SOCUM SOCUM Laotop EXHAUST Cooler Vacuum Fan Laptop USB Cooler with Cooling Vacuum Fan ...

P499 50% OFF P999 Lazada

FANTECH Fantech Mini USB Powered Speakers For PC And Mobile GS-733 (White)

P499 50% OFF P999 Lazada

FANTECH Fantech Mini USB Powered Speakers For PC And Mobile GS-733 (Black )

P499 61% OFF P1,299 Lazada

OEM Asus x401a/f401a/x401/ee45u/ei235a/ei235a brand new fan

P486 Lazada

Fantech GS201 Speaker USB Wired Mini Subwoofer

P481 19% OFF P600 Lazada

FANTECH Fantech HellScream GS201 Speaker

P480 60% OFF P1,200 Lazada

OEM USB Notebook Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Heatsink 3 Fan Cool for Computer PC

P461.48 55% OFF P1,025.52 Lazada

OEM \Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Base Big Fan USB Stand for 14\"\" or Below Notebook ...

P459 55% OFF P1,026 Lazada

FANTECH A-K Mini Stereo Speakers Fantech GS733 (Black)

P395 69% OFF P1,290 Lazada

FANTECH A-K Mini Stereo Speakers Fantech GS201 (White)

P395 69% OFF P1,290 Lazada

FANTECH A-K Mini Stereo Speakers Fantech GS201 (BLACK)

P395 69% OFF P1,290 Lazada

OEM Fantastic Mall USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit RJ45 Plug Ethernet Adapter For PC ...

P395 39% OFF P658 Lazada

FANTECH A-K Mini Stereo Speakers Fantech GS201 (BLACK)

P395 69% OFF P1,290 Lazada

LAPTOP EXHAUST mini Cooler Vacuum Fan USB Cooler (BLACK)

P388 56% OFF P899 Lazada

Cell Phone Cooler Cooling Fan Radiator Handle Gamepad Clamp Clip Mount Holder

P388 51% OFF P800 Lazada

USB Loptop EXHAUST Cooler Vacuum Fan (Black)

P384 57% OFF P899 Lazada

Cell Phone Cooler Cooling Fan Radiator Handle Gamepad Clamp Clip Mount Holder

P380 52% OFF P800 Lazada

FANTECH A-K Mini Stereo Speakers Fantech GS201 (BLACK)

P363.40 71% OFF P1,290 Lazada

FANTECH Fantech Arthas GS733 Bass Resonance Mini Speaker (GAMING GEAR)

P349 50% OFF P699 Lazada

N19 USB LED Light Super Slim Notebook Laptop Cooling Cooler Pad Stand with 140mm Fan

P344 49% OFF P684 Lazada

FANTECH Fantech HELLSCREAM GS201 Mobile Gaming Music Speakers

P339 51% OFF P699 Lazada

OEM Fan Cooling Cooler Silent Quiet 140mm PC Case Fan 4 Pin Blue LED Lighting - intl

P328 44% OFF P596 Lazada

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About Cooling Fans

An Overall Important Component

It is a hardware device that keeps the overall computer cool with a circulating air to or from the computer. If the components in computers have increased in speed and power consumption, the amount of heat produced by these components will also increase. These components need to be kept within a specified temperature range to prevent it to overheat, unstable, malfunction and damage. This can lead to a shortened component lifespan.

Basic Structure and Parts

Case Fan- It is located on the side of a computer case which is inside the case. This helps to circulate air as well as to blow hot air out of the case. Mostly all case fans are attached to the front, back, or side of a computer case. You will see four screws and snap-in brackets on the case. If the case fan is being installed at the back or side of the computer case, sometimes it needs to use four screws to secure the fan in place. If It is installed in the front of a computer case it can be attached using snap-in brackets or screws. This depends on the type of computer case. If the case fan is new, it should come with the screws needed for installation.

CPU Fan- It is located on top of a computer processor. This helps blow out hot air off the processor which keeps it at the right temperature. Installing a CPU fan can vary widely. It depends on the type of CPU, CPU fan and motherboard in the computer. Some of the CPU fans are attached directly to the heat sink then attached to the motherboard. Some CPU fans have a built-in heat sink and the whole unit is connected to the motherboard. It always better to refer to the instructions that came with the CPU fan for the proper installation steps. Always make sure to follow the installation steps very closely and carefully. This will ensure the CPU fan is installed properly and facing the right direction for proper airflow.

Power Supply Fan- This is a fan located inside a power supply. This power supply fan blows hotter air out of the power supply and out of the computer. It comes with a fan built into the unit, the good thing is that it does not need to install a fan inside a power supply. If the fan in the power supply unit stops working, you just need to clean it using the compressed air. If this does not work then the power supply unit needs to replace.

Video Card Fan- It is located on a video card. This helps to keep powerful video cards from overheating. This is also helpful especially when you use the computer for playing video games, editing video, and other graphics-intensive tasks. For high-end video cards, it comes with a fan built into the unit. High-end video cards do not need to install a fan on or inside a video card. If the fan in the video card stops working, you can also try cleaning it out using compressed air. If that does not work you will need to replace the video card to prevent it from overheating.

Hard drive cooling- This fan can be mounted next to the hard disk drive for cooling purposes. Hard drives can produce heat over time and it's a heat sensitive component that should not operate at excessive temperatures. In many situations, natural convective cooling suffices, but in some cases, fans may be required a faster-spinning hard disk with greater heat production, a larger or dense array of disks this includes server systems where disks are typically mounted densely. It is also required any disks which is due to the enclosure or other location they are mounted in, cannot easily cool without fanned air.

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Ilan cooling fan pwede ilagay sa CPU?

  • Last updated : Jun 28, 2018
  • Posted by Lenne
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boy toy

is it really needed? ?

Gusto ko lang poh kasi malaman kung kailangan ko ba bumili ng extra cooling pad para sa laptop ko o hndi na kailangan? sobra init ksi ng panahon ngayon eh

  • Last updated : Jun 27, 2018
  • Posted by boy toy
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies

Red Surfer

Performance issue

Iisa lang ba specs ng mga cooling fans? I mean alam ko may mga sirain at matibay pero yung specs mismo ng cooling fans, kung meron bang mas mabilis or mas malakas makapag palamig ng motherboard, meron ba?

  • Last updated : Mar 25, 2018
  • Posted by Red Surfer
  • Replies of This topic : 3 Replies
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