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About Jinbei Cars

Jinbei Cars are competitive vehicles having good quality and low-price tag

Jinbei is a Chinese car brand which is controlled by Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Brilliance Auto, headquartered in Shenyang Liaoning, China. The name "Jinbei" signifies gold (jin) and cup (bei) in Chinese.

Historical Foundation

The Brilliance Auto Group was established to a government-owned car factory which became the dominant Chinese manufacturer of minibuses in the year 1991 under Yang Rong, who is a Chinese magnate and China's third wealthy entrepreneur in 2001 and fled to the United States after a disagreement with the Chinese government. In 2003, Brilliance collaborated with BMW for the manufacturing of BMW-branded vehicles in China. And some of its luxury cars which became famous in the Chinese automobile markets are FAW Group Audis and Beijing Benz Mercedes Benzes. Despite many Chinese carmakers entering the US market, Brilliance marketed their cars in Europe in 2008 but because of the BS6 sedan's poor performance in a crash test, it has stopped exporting its cars in 2010. The Brilliance manufactured more than 500 thousand cars in 2011 making it top eight among Chinese car manufacturers.


The company is also into producing gasoline engines and other car accessories which are made by indirectly held branches namely Shenyang Brilliance JinBei Automobile Co Ltd. having Brilliant's 33 percent share and a 50 percent share in the BMW Brilliance Automotive Co Ltd. BMW-branded cars are manufactured at a factory located in the Northeastern Chinese City of Shenyang while the engine-manufacturing plant is based in Mianyang, Sichuan province.

Other Alliances and Collaborations

Brilliance also collaborated with Toyota and manufactured Toyota HiAce in 1991. They relaunched the car and under a new name comes the first Jinbei Hiase and it is still being manufactured by Jinbei in 2013 along with the Jinbei model of Toyota Granvia which is the Grace.

Brilliance also does joint ventures with Saipa of Iran to produce H300 and H200 models under the Saipa brand name.

Marketing and Sales

Brilliance has produced more than 188 thousand marque automobiles in China in 2013 and it becomes the top 25th largest-selling car brand in the country and the top 10 biggest-selling Chinese brand.

Jinbei Philippines & Sales

In the Philippines, Jinbei vehicles are manufactured by IKK Ichigan Inc. owned by Mr. Romy To, a Filipino-Chinese entrepreneur and produced the Jinbei 2 Ton and Jinbei 3 Ton. It also imports different Jinbei light trucks from .5 tons up to 10 tons like Normal Trucks, Closed Cargo Trucks, Dump Trucks, and others. It has a showroom and service amenity located in EDSA, Quezon City. They also have a factory headquartered in Cabuyao, Laguna which can produce 1000 trucks every year. Currently, the company has several dealerships across the country having showrooms and service facilities and offers the Philippine automobile market different range of trucks that surely gives customer satisfaction because of the low price tag and reliability.

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