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4 inch Full HD 1080P Dual Lens Car DVR Vehicle Blackbox Portable Dash Cam Original Car ...

P1,549 22% OFF P1,999 Lazada

New Touch Screen Rearview Mirror Dash Camera A075

P985 71% OFF P3,499 Lazada

Xiaomi International / English Version Xiaomi Mijia Camcorder 1080P Full HD WiFi DVR Car ...

P3,199 36% OFF P5,000 Lazada

LHR LHR X03 1080P Car Camera Video Recorder Dual Lens for Front & Rearview Mirror Car DVR ...

P1,599 62% OFF P4,300 Lazada

Transcend Transcend DrivePro 130 1080p Dashboard Car Camera Dashcam Video Recorder ...

P5,798 26% OFF P7,899 Lazada

Anytek T25 1080P Car Camera Video Recorder Dual Lens for Front & Rearview Mirror Car DVR ...

P1,995 61% OFF P5,200 Lazada

OEM DOD TECH LS460W Sony Exmor Powered Full HD Dash Camera Dashcam withWDR Technology & ...

P12,816 30% OFF P18,308 Lazada

Pioneer Pioneer ND-DVR110 Dash Cam

P4,500 Lazada

New Touch Screen Rearview Mirror Dash Camera A075

P975 72% OFF P3,499 Lazada

noion 1080P Mini Camera HD Camcorder Spy Camera Nanny Web Cam Sports Mini DV Video ...

P627 74% OFF P2,418 Lazada

Pioneer Pioneer Dash Cam ND-DVR160

P5,900 15% OFF P6,999 Lazada

Not Specified Berylshop New 1x Car 1080P 2.4 Full HD DVR Vehicle Camera Dash Cam Video G-s...

P626 49% OFF P1,230 Lazada

Not Specified HD 1080P Dual Lens 7'' Vehicle Rearview Mirror Camera Recorder Car DVR Dash ...

P2,670 47% OFF P5,073 Lazada

Not Specified Android 5.1 HD 1080P ADAS 2 Lens Car DVR Rearview Mirror Dash Cam GPS+Google...

P6,546 47% OFF P12,437 Lazada

Not Specified HD Dual Lens Camera Car DVR Dash Cam Video Recorder G-sensor GPS Night ...

P2,550 50% OFF P5,100 Lazada

OEM Fashion 7 inch FHD 1080P Android 5.0 3G&WIFI GPS Navigation Car Dvr Camera with Dual ...

P4,562 66% OFF P13,686 Lazada

OEM 8.0 Inch Screen 4G IPS Special Car DVR Camera Android Mirror GPS Bluetooth WIFI ADAS ...

P14,048 41% OFF P24,103 Lazada

Transcend Transcend Drivepro 220 Wi-Fi Ready Dash Cam With Gps

P7,199 45% OFF P13,100 Lazada

Transcend Transcend DrivePro 230 1080p Dashboard Car Camera Dashcam Video Recorder ...

P7,398 32% OFF P10,999 Lazada

OEM Viofo A119S V2 EVA Capacitor Novatek 96660 GPS Car Dashcam+CPL Motion Detection - intl

P6,359.99 30% OFF P9,199.99 Lazada

Transcend Transcend DrivePro 220

P7,199 5% OFF P7,600 Lazada

Pioneer Pioneer NDBC8 Universal CMOS Surface Mount Backup Camera - intl

P6,468 Lazada

YI Xiaomi Yi Dashcam Smart Dash Camera International Version Night Vision FREE Suction ...

P2,754 47% OFF P5,200 Lazada

Unbranded FH06H Dashcam New Dual Lens Car Vehicle BlackBOX DVR Cam 1080P Full HD Video ...

P1,250 64% OFF P3,500 Lazada

Womdee Dash Cam Car Hardwire Kit With Micro USB Right Angle Connector - intl

P297.15 75% OFF P1,188.60 Lazada

DVR FH06 1080P Dash Cam HD 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens Dash camera (Black)

P399 66% OFF P1,198 Lazada

1080P Car DVR Camera Driving Recorder Dash Cam 12MP 165 Wide Angle WiFi

P1,089 55% OFF P2,420 Lazada

Universal Micro USB Hardwire Fuse Kit 12V to 5V Power Adapter Cable for all car dash ...

P502 24% OFF P669 Lazada

\NiceTrade Sunking Front And Rear Dash Cam 1080P Dual Lens Rear View Mirror Camera 4.3\"\"...

P2,567 50% OFF P5,134 Lazada

Xiaomi Xiaomi Yi Dashcam Smart Dash Camera English Version Night Vision Free Extra ...

P2,599 48% OFF P4,999 Lazada

VAKIND 1080P HD Hidden WiFi Car DVR Video Recorder Dash Cam Night Vision (A5-D) - intl

P1,239 55% OFF P2,754 Lazada

VAKIND 1080P HD Hidden WiFi Car DVR Vehicle Video Recorder Dash Cam Night (A8-B) - intl

P1,845 55% OFF P4,102 Lazada

Unbranded A5 5.0 DVR Triple Cam Vehicle Black Box Rear-Miror Video Car Recorder DVR

P2,550 53% OFF P5,500 Lazada

OEM Arpenkin Mini USB HardWire Kit 12V to 5V Power Adapter Cord Cablefor Dash cam - ...

P1,945 29% OFF P2,778 Lazada

OEM Black Dash Cam Dual Camera Reversing Recorder - intl

P690.49 66% OFF P2,071.47 Lazada

Not Specified 2in1 Hidden Car DVR Detector Camera Video Recorder Dash Cam Radar Laser - ...

P2,215 47% OFF P4,209 Lazada

Not Specified Car camera Full HD 1080P Recorder Video Registrar Night Vision Black box ...

P1,133 37% OFF P1,813 Lazada

Not Specified 1080P 7 Inch Dual Lens Car DVR Dash Cam Rear View Mirror Camera Recorder - ...

P2,730 50% OFF P5,460 Lazada

Not Specified HD 1080P Mini Wifi Car Hidden DVR Camera Video Dash Cam Recorder Night ...

P1,393 44% OFF P2,507 Lazada

Not Specified \2.8\"\" Car Video Dashcam Recorder Anti-glare Blue Mirror Video Recording ...

P671.50 44% OFF P1,216 Lazada

Not Specified HD 1080P Hidden Wifi Car DVR Vehicle Camera Video Recorder Dash Cam Night ...

P2,434 50% OFF P4,868 Lazada

Not Specified Car Dash Camera Mini Hardwire + Fuse Kit Hardwire Mini USB For VIOFO A119 ...

P348 68% OFF P1,108 Lazada

LHR LHR X05 1080P Android 512MB RAM 8GB ROM GPS Touch Screen 140 Degree Wide Angle Car ...

P3,999 42% OFF P6,999 Lazada

Aukey Aukey Store Dash Cam DC Power Box Intelligent 2.5A 12V to 5V Mini USB Buck Line ...

P216 68% OFF P693 Lazada

VAKIND Waterproof HD 720P Wide Angle Motorcycle DVR Camera Driving Video Recorder

P974 50% OFF P1,948 Lazada

OEM Fashion 7 inch FHD 1080P Android 5.0 3G&WIFI GPS Navigation Car Dvr Camera with Dual ...

P4,562 66% OFF P13,686 Lazada

OEM Bkodak Store 1080P 2MP 3 Inches DVR Camcorder Car Camera Video Recorder

P681 70% OFF P2,270 Lazada

OEM K6000 Car DVR Camera 2.3 Inch Video Dash Cam Recorder 90?View Angle Camcorder

P697.98 53% OFF P1,499.98 Lazada

OEM FHD Car GPS Dash Camera Driving Record Car DVR with Night Vision - intl

P1,098 66% OFF P3,294 Lazada

OEM Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Dash Cam 1080P Full HD Driving Recorder AI Intergrated APP Control

P2,027.90 29% OFF P2,895 Lazada

Not Specified \4\"\" HD 1080P Dual Lens Camera 170? Car DVR Video Dash Cam Front Rear ...

P1,604 47% OFF P3,048 Lazada

VAKIND 7.84in 1080P WiFi 4G Android5.1 Car Rearview Mirror DVR Camera Dash Cam GPS ...

P6,555 50% OFF P13,110 Lazada

Not Specified 3'' 720P Dual Camera Motorcycle DVR Video Recorder Motorbike Action Night ...

P2,165 48% OFF P4,172 Lazada

Xiaomi Xiaomi Mijia Mi Dashcam International Version / English Version Smart Dash Cam Car ...

P2,849 43% OFF P4,999 Lazada

SJCAM SJCAM SJDASH Air Car Dashboard Camera Video Recorder G-Sensor 3.0\ LCD Car DVR (Blac...

P1,899 62% OFF P4,999 Lazada

niceEshop niceEshop Dash Cam Hardwire Installation Kit Micro USB for Black Box G1W-X Mini ...

P690 75% OFF P2,760 Lazada

Vktech 70 Minutes WiFi DVR 130 Degree Wireless Car Dash Cam 1080P Recorder

P2,404 50% OFF P4,808 Lazada

LHR LHR X03 1080p Rear view Car Camcorder (Gold) with LDNIO CM10 2 USB Port Car Charger ...

P1,429 66% OFF P4,300 Lazada

OEM 5 Inch Touch Screen Car DVR Android GPS WiFi FM Parking Rearview Mirror HD Dash Cam ...

P5,945 66% OFF P17,838 Lazada

Transcend Transcend DrivePro 520 Car Video Recorder (Black) with Free Dash Cam Hard Wire ...

P9,199 47% OFF P17,500 Lazada

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About Dash Cam

Keeping Up With Technology

A Dash Camera records a variety of image and videos and stores it for a period of time. It can be used if there's an accident or road rage incident to prove that you're not at fault. Many of the more advanced units come with GPS, which can be used to determine speed, and even with accelerometers. Most of the common dash cam has a built-in flash storage which could be expandable. When you reach the capacity, the camera just overwrites the existing data. So if you would like to save an important footage make sure to save and transfer it before a new video overwrites it.

One Versatile Device

There are three types of devices that can be used as dash cameras. But aside from using a purpose-built dashcam, you can also use a digital camera, and the most conventional is that you can use a smartphone for starters. The category listed are the basic dash camera, advanced features, and dual-mode interior/exterior cams. Now, It will all depend on the consumer's budget and the preference for choosing what to use.

Basic Dash Camera- This is the standard type of dash camera because it is suitable for what it's for and most importantly it's affordable. These are hard-wired in the vehicle's electrical system, but some can be plugged in the cigarette socket, but some have a built-in lithium-ion battery.

Dash Cameras With Advanced Features- Almost all dash camera are simple, some just have more feature than the other. For a more expensive dash camera, it will have some of the additional features like Audio recording, GPS logging, Speed sensors, Accelerometers, Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). GPS logging is one interesting feature of a dash camera. It has a built-in GPS receiver, which is used to provide a video overlay of the physical location of your vehicle.

This is also useful if you need to know the location of your vehicle after an incident has occurred. Speed sensors and accelerometers are also useful since it can give a record of how fast your vehicle was traveling at the time of an incident and the change in acceleration if and another vehicle strikes your vehicle. When you talked about the uninterruptible power supply, this allows your dash camera to continue recording even if the power is cut during an incident. This feature is useful if you want to use your camera as a surveillance device when your car is parked since it will allow you to avoid draining your car battery.

Dual Camera Interior/Exterior Dashcams- Not all dash cameras have two cameras in one, where one camera faces outward and the other records the interior of the vehicle. Of course, this type of dual camera device is useful for security purposes. Setting this device up will record everything when your vehicle is parked, it can sure catch evidence of both hit and run accidents and theft.

Is It Necessary To Purchase?

A dash camera is worth the investment since they're conspicuous and somewhat valuable devices, it could be stolen if left out. You have an option to remove it to avoid it being stolen but If you need to remove and then put it back it's going to be time-consuming. Especially if you need to set it up again, in cases if you are in a hurry and because of that it's possible that you may not record an important incident because of failure of putting it back. If you live in an area with a lot of traffic accidents, and you're concerned about protecting yourself then this is worth having in your vehicle. Just having one could prevent a serious legal or a financial headache. In all boils down to a need and want, if you think it is a costly thing to have then don't get. But if you think that this is something that could help you in the future then it's worth having it.

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