Oct 11, 2017

This Hair Manicure Will Have You Asking "WHY?!"

Just because you can put hair on your nails, doesn't mean you should.

The whole furry trend isn't new on us. Fur has made its way to bags and clothes a long time ago, and now they're a staple even in accessories like earrings and even nails. But once we got over the fur on nails trend, we had to ask why anyone had to go out and start putting faces with real hair on their nails.

Ah, nail trends truly are perplexing.

Illusion artist Dain Yoon created these nails that are both impressive and perplexing.

If you take a closer look, each nail is different. They're depicting different facial expressions of the wearer. And we can't help but be intrigued with how he came up with this design, but we can't deny the ingenuity of it. Maybe it's a new take on the whole personalized mood chart wherein you show people which nail represents how you're feeling on a particular day.

We're pretty sure this won't become a trend because 1) it's impractical to have hair on your nails and 2) there's no way those nails won't go bald by the end of the third day!

We'll just let you decide if you want to give this style a try!