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  • Production 2002 - present
  • Toyota Vios draws power from a range of petrol engine options, including a 1.3 L and a 1.5 L. It is popular for being reliable and practical automobile.
  • It is designed using a traditional 3-box body-structure, improving body balance and structural rigidity. Standard 15 inch rims lend a muscular feel, enhancing visual aesthetics.
  • Capable of returning 29 mpg within city limits and 33 mpg on the freeway. Engine refinement helps its stand out against all competition.

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Export Toyota Vios car from Phillipines


  • mike4
  • Jun 8, 2017

Hi ,

Appreciate anyone can help to guide agents or dealers contact who can sell cars CIF term.
export cars from Philippines.

thanks !!


  • ohhlala
  • Jun 8, 2017 / Good Answers : 2

if u want to sell here juat post as a sellers like otheres here lang

Good Answer


  • mike4
  • Jun 8, 2017

hi ohhlala..
Appreciate wirte comment proper English. I don't understand..


  • ohhlala
  • Jun 10, 2017 / Good Answers : 2

excuse me i have better english than you.. its simple.. posting ur ad here is not allowed. if u want to advertise something be a register seller. if you dont know how then ask

Good Answer


  • Chery
  • Jul 26, 2017

Interior Toyota Vios quite nice and elegant enough to fit this car.

Good Answer


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