Sony PlayStation 3 CECH-2112 160GB HDD Reviews

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Overall Rating

Design 4.5
Software 4.5
Operability 4.5
Quality of display 5.0
Size 4.0
Extendability 4.0
Total 4.4

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Vince Dantay

  • Review by Vince Dantay
  • Oct 29, 2015
Design 5.0
Software 4.0
Operability 4.0
Quality of display 5.0
Size 5.0
Extendability 4.0
Total 4.5

Sony Playstation

Sony playstation is a very entertaining console also very enjoyable while playing it. It really relaxes my mind because of its gameplays. With good graphics of its games, it makes me amazingly addicted to this console. Also i can make my own compilation of games by using a Hdd version of it. I can download it from Internet and play it on my playstation.

Games are hanging seldom. If your playstation is made from other countries, the game doesnt work because it is from its original country.

Good Review

Allen M. Espejo

  • Review by Allen M. Espejo
  • Jul 14, 2015
Design 4.0
Software 5.0
Operability 5.0
Quality of display 5.0
Size 3.0
Extendability 4.0
Total 4.3

Sony PS3 Review

I have a Sony PS3 and for a while im quite satisfied in how it works..the graphics the games i love it.Since i got the PS3 i kept playing it its much much better than the PS2 with the graphics...and the Controller's are Wireless so you can play in whatever position you want..

Well the only downside is....Its Black and white with TV's made in the 90's, Games are more expensive than PS2 games. and its much havier.

Good Review

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