Samsung Galaxy S10 Price in the Philippines and Specification

Samsung Galaxy S10

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to arrive in 2019 and feature an in-display fingerprint scanner.
  • Release date : Mar 2019
  • Phablet, Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S10

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Specs of Samsung Galaxy S10


  • Type: Smartphone, Phablet
  • Shape: Bar


  • OS: Android


  • Display Size: 5.6 inches
  • Resolution: 1440 x 2960 pixels

Latest News

Samsung Galaxy S10: All Variants To Use In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

The South Korean tech behemoth Samsung is tipped to be pulling out all the stops on its flagship follow-up as sources now reveal that all the imminent variants will come bearing an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Aug 29, 2018

Security is about to get more high-grade and sophisticated on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

Reliable insiders who are close to the production of the Samsung Galaxy S10 reveal that all three models of the new smartphone will be sporting in-display fingerprint sensors. The same source also claims that two of the three variants will include ultrasonic readers, while the third basic version will come with an in-house optical reader.

Samsung Galaxy S9

So, how does the ultrasonic reader differ from the in-house optical reader, which is used in many current phones? For starters, the cost to create the former is three times more expensive than of the latter. Ultrasonic readers are developed and used to capture a 3D image of the user's finger, and are very speedy and accurate in doing so. Technology claims that this approach is far more secure and is apparently more resilient to grease and water too.

Akin to camera sensors, the sensors found in the in-house optical reader will take a snapshot of a user's finger and utilize 2D image recognition to analyze the captured fingerprint. This is certainly a very efficient security feature, and is way cheaper to build than the ultrasonic reader. This being said, the only downside to the in-house optical reader is that it is less reliable than its counterpart.

As Samsung is essentially one of the trendiest of its era in the mobile industry, the company's employment of the in-display fingerprint sensor could very well be an indication that there could be some changes in the production of new smartphones to come. And as Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi are now boasting similar sophisticated features, this future may actually be not-so-distant after all.

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