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O+ 6.1 WIFI Reviews 3.1 (4 Reviews)
E9CAE536D1BBF73710EDEB9B67CA3E5B247FFDEFAD939D981E1BD6AACEC5A6D7 [Good] very easy to use, it has a long battery life, it can use one day for texting and chattibg only. nice shot for ...read more
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Ericka Reyes Sanoria cheap but nice phone in the market

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Overall Rating

Design 6.1 WIFI Design Review 3.0
Portability 6.1 WIFI Portability Review 3.3
Operability 6.1 WIFI Operability Review 3.0
Response 6.1 WIFI Response Review 3.3
Display 6.1 WIFI Display Review 3.0
Listenability 6.1 WIFI Listenability Review 3.3
Battery 6.1 WIFI Battery Review 3.3
Total 6.1 WIFI Review 3.1

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Ericka Reyes Sanoria

  • Review by Ericka Reyes Sanoria
  • Sep 24, 2014
Design 4.0
Portability 5.0
Operability 5.0
Response 5.0
Display 5.0
Listenability 4.0
Battery 5.0
Total 4.7

O+ the best cheap phone

very easy to use, it has a long battery life, it can use one day for texting and chattibg only. nice shot for camera perfect for selfies, also WiFi hotspot, super cheap but it has very nice quality.

slow responce when typing. it always miss type even my finger us on the right letter or number. it has small ram need SD card to download music, games, videos and many more. camera is for selfie only not for group picture or anything occupied wide angle it will turn blurry.

Good Review

Dennise Perez

  • Review by Dennise Perez
  • Dec 4, 2013
Design 3.0
Portability 3.0
Operability 3.0
Response 3.0
Display 3.0
Listenability 3.0
Battery 3.0
Total 3.0

cellphone user

Sa panahon ngayon mahalaga na sa mga cellphone user na gumamit ng telepono na merong wifi,kahit ba maliit ang screen eh ok lang basta makakapag-access sa wifi ng maayos.At nandito sa O+ 6.1,ang mga katangian na yun,maayos kasi itong gamiitin sa internet,tapos ok din naman yung features nito sakto lang sa mga basic needs ng iasng phone.Ok din ang release ng sounds nito malakas naman ,pero sa touch screen medyo hard resistive kasi ito,kaya medyo maydiin talaga yung pag touch ng screen nito.sa battery naglalast ng more or less 10 hours ito,pero minsan naman inaabot siya ng next day bago ko icharge ulet.

Good Review

Greg Hipolito

  • Review by Greg Hipolito
  • Nov 14, 2013
Design 3.0
Portability 3.0
Operability 2.0
Response 3.0
Display 2.0
Listenability 3.0
Battery 2.0
Total 2.6

O+ 6.1 WIFI ready

Last year.binili ko itong 0+6.1 na phone,dapat samsung champ ang bibiihin ko but owkwardly eh..nag out of stock sila.

Maganda naman ang quality nito medyo solid and thick ang design nito,naka dual sim na ri siya.which is better para hindi na ko gumamit ng isa pang phone.Supported rin ng 4GB memory storage ito, but the good thing is..it's possible to expanding the memory storage using the micro SD card up to 16GB,kasi meron siyang external slot for micro SD card.It also have a wireless LAN and camera with built-in flash

Design:a bit nice
Display:not really good
Operations:So..so (dont expect anything higher in this phone performance)


small,light weight
wifi ready
can play songs
upgradeable memory


need to improve the features display
small screen
hard touch screen
fast battery life

Good Review

Marco Gully

  • Review by Marco Gully
  • Jul 30, 2013
Design 2.0
Portability 2.0
Operability 2.0
Response 2.0
Display 2.0
Listenability 3.0
Battery 3.0
Total 2.3

O+ 6.1 WIFI

Feature phone tyype ito ng O+ 6.1 WIFI ok yung functions ng mga system nito sa call and text pero ang problema ko lang dito hindi niya na-oopen yung mga big files kasi mallit lang yung screen size nito na 2.8inches.Yung camera pala nito hindi maganda kasi 1.3megapixels lang sobrang labo ng image picture quality.Saa battery masasabi ko na ok naman ito kasi nagla-last ng 2 to 3 days yung battery nito pero depende rin naman sa paggamit.Touch screen din naman ito pero hindi siya soft touch medyo kailangan mo pang diinan yung touch sa screen nito bago siya mag response.

Good Review

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