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  • Production 1982 - present
  • Also known as Hyundai Galloper
  • Mitsubishi Pajero features a DOHC 2.5L, turbo charged inter cooled engine producing 131kW power, 400Nm torque & 2477 displacement. Engine makes 2000-2500rpm.
  • Offers coil bone suspension, super select four wheel drive platform; has manual gear shifting mechnism; 16 inch hydraulic operated ventilated disc brakes etc.
  • SUV model features upgraded 2DIN infotainment system; security features rear camera monitoring; Offers unparalleled driving experience with optimum durabilty.

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Overall Rating

exterior 4.3
interior 4.2
engine performance 4.5
travelling performance 4.5
ride quality 4.3
fuel efficiency 4.2
Total 4.3

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  • Review by PhilipLim
  • Jan 30, 2017
exterior 4.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 4.0
travelling performance 4.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 4.0
Total 4.0

safe ride Mitsubishi Pajero!

Ito ang biggest achievement nami ng aking asawa ang maka bili ng sasakyan and yes! naka bili nga kami this model Mitsubishi Pajero kasi nga we have two kids so ito nga yung napili namin kasi maliki din naman ang inside ng car ang comfy pa niya sa loob and safety din sakyan no worries na mag byahi kahit saan kasi okay yung makina niya walang problema yung asawa excited sya sa aming weekend gala with the kids kasi kahit long travel okay ang sasakyan na ito hindi rin naman gastus ang fuel niya tama lang ang ganda din naman ng design nitong car na ito so happy yung mga parents namin kasi nakaka uwi na kami parati sa aming province thank sa safe ride Mitsubishi Pajero!

Good Review


  • Review by sun_n_nil
  • Dec 20, 2016
exterior 4.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 4.0
travelling performance 4.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 4.0
Total 4.0

Long car The PAJERO!

Good morning everyone and say hi to my pajero car I've been using this for almost three years and until now I really like it much because the design of it was so simple but its okay as long as I have a car like this, the engine performance was in a good conditions and all the parts are functioning will so much nice to have it. The travelling performance is perfect cause it will run in a high speed so even in a rough road its still run fast. I love to ride this car cause I feel comfortable and the gasoline on it was not so big expense so I can save money for the maintenance of this car.

Good Review

Review in

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Oct 24, 2015
exterior 5.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 5.0
fuel efficiency 4.0
Total 4.7

Cars are good

There are some bits I feel old fashioned, but I like its dignified look.

This is old fashioned, too. There are some bits that look cheap. Soft material is used for the instrument panel, and it is easily damaged and dirt stands out. It is a little too delicate to take care of.
Because the seats are big, they are lacking in hold. The middle seat in second row is not usable.
The material used for the ceiling looks cheap, and dirt and scratches stand out.

<engine performance>
Once it’s done breaking-in, you can drive comfortably both on highways and local roads. It is very powerful, and very fun to drive.
Its engine beat reminds everyone of joy of driving.

I didn’t like rolling and nose-diving at corners at first, but I got used to it within a week or so. Even on mountain roads, it drives like running on rails. I’ve never felt unsafe or worried about anything about this car.
After running-in, I enjoy driving on highways comfortably.

It is excellent. Personally, this was the bit I was surprised the most in a good way.
The balance between stability and flexibility is terrific. There are no odd shakes you tend to experience in bigger SUVs.

<fuel efficiency>
I generally drive 5-10 km one-way, but it goes about 8.5km/l. I find it not bad. When I drive longer on local roads, it does at least 10km/l. On highways, if you drive considering fuel efficiency, it does about 10km/l. If not, 13km/l.

I think it is cheap considering what you get. Having said that, it is simply because of its great engine and drivability.

Diesel engine’s beat, its unique atmosphere and its profoundness…

I haven’t done off-roading, but I still find this car amazing. I really think this is a wonderful car.
Maybe I’ve given too much compliments. LOL

Good Review

Review in

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Sep 9, 2015
exterior 5.0
interior 5.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 5.0
Total 4.8

I am really satisfied!!

I decided to purchase it because the minor change gave the SUV a stronger look. The look has not failed to show that "This is what Mitsubishi is and this is what Pajero is." The spare tire case design matches the car's design, so I like it. The only thing I do not like very much among this summer's minor changes is the design of the rear part. I like my own as far as this part is concerned.

Also, I attached a roof rail of factory-installed option instead of a rear deflator of the dealer-installed option.
I do not actually load anything on it, but this adds an off-roading taste.
The color is 3-way 2-tone colors of platinum beige metallic and deep sea green mica.

The interior panel, the shape around the dashboard, and controls are simple, which in turn lends the interior a premium feel. The meters are unique to those of Mitsubishi. The velocity scale is a bit too big, though. The visibility is pretty good.

[Engine Performance]
What is special about this Pajero is the clean diesel engine. It runs aggressively at a low to middle speed due to the thick torque. It makes driving in streets and cities easier. Even when running at a high speed, passing has no problems because pushing the gas pedal strongly causes a kickdown and the the speed to accelerate quickly. It was the most unexpected thing.

Even though it is a diesel engine, the 3.2L car has power as well as good torque.

The engine noise is from the diesel engine. Naturally, it is not as quiet as no noise.
When you open the hood and listen to the engine, it makes a rattling sound.

But if you close the hood and the doors, it gets very quiet even with the engine on. The only moment when I remember that it is a diesel car is when I pass a car and the rpm surges momentarily.

[Driving Performance]
Needless to say, this is the true worth of this car!

As I live in Tokyo, I thought it was a little over specification, so I occasionally go to the off-road courses to try the 4WD performance. Not that I push it to the limit though haha
Also, it has an incredible stability on snow-covered roads. I will not say too much because someone might say it has excess traction, but the body stability in the departure and when climbing a hill is extremely high. It really catches on to the road, and moves on bit by bit without raising the rpm forcefully. With a 2WD, the traction is bad; when you go forward, it goes with a stroke and does not stabilize.

There is a Japanese inn in the mountains that I go to in the winter, and even with falling snow I can drive those roads totally safely.
Also, literally in front of that inn, there is a super steep slope of about 10 meters, but I can climb that very easily.

Below that slope, there is parking lot for the other cars, but in the superior parking lot, there are only authentic trucks such as Land Cruiser, Pajero and D5.

You can also choose the 4WD mode. At urban areas, I switch the rear traction to 2H; in rainy weather and on highways, 4H; when it is snowing, 4H or 4HLc, and at that slope I mentioned, I use 4LLc.

I also equipped it with the maker option rear diff-lock.

I thought it was not necessary unless I am driving off road for real, but I ended up installing it as it is an accessory that is nice-to-have.

But in fact, it turned out to be helpful unexpectedly when I was going to go over the wheel track at a parking lot in Tokyo where there were not enough hands to clear off the snow. I struggled as the snow was almost turning into ice, but I could just get through it without any trouble when I started the rear diff-lock. It saved me somewhat, lol.

[Ride Quality]
I would say the ride quality is good. The vehicle body slightly shakes on a rough freeway, but it is good so far. I hear no particular complaints from passengers on the rear seat either.

[Fuel Efficiency]
Fuel Efficiency is normal.

In an urban area : from the second half of 8 to the half of 9 km/L

On the highway : from 10 to 13 km/L

It's not good but I think it's a reasonable line considering the automobile rank.

I always enhance without a regret when I purchase a car, so it was nearly 5 million yen.

I think it is not expensive from the point of view of this satisfaction and I can pay for the car pleasantly.

[General Comments]
It is a perfect score!
My favorite is the Premium Audio Sound System. It was developed together with Rockford and it is wonderful.
This is probably one of my 3 best favorite points about this vehicle.
Many might say in this site, "It is only one of their genuine sound system. It won't be too good."
Believe or not, just listen. The sound is far better than what a genuine sound system could play.
Although the subwoofer (bass range) is powerful, it is located away from the driving seat in the luggage space so you can hear the sound from the speaker (mid-range) in the leg space clearly without getting interrupted.

It is perfect for those who think it is difficult to set up an ideal audio system themselves, but want to listen to better sound quality.

I am a little partial to this car since I personally like SUVs and Mitsubishi, or perhaps I should say I purchased this Pajero by designation, however, it is really a good car!

Good Review


  • Review by dwane_f
  • Oct 27, 2015
exterior 4.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 4.0
travelling performance 4.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 4.0
Total 4.0

Mitsubishi Pajero

I have a used Mitsubishi Pajero I just bought the used because I cannot afford the brand new of this I really want this car because the exterior and interior of this is very good and the engine of this car is durable and all the spares are in a good condition as will. The travelling performance is great because it can run so fast and when I drive and used this car I really enjoy and have fun on it. The fuel can economize wisely.

Good Review

Elvie Castillo

  • Review by Elvie Castillo
  • Jun 26, 2015
exterior 4.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 5.0
fuel efficiency 4.0
Total 4.5

my Mitsubishi pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero always shows impressive performance specially on off-road....accompanied with and outstanding on-road safety and handling with standard rear differential lock. it has also designed with airbags front driver and passenger airbags, side and curtain airbags, seat belt reminders and some others. travelling performance was also good!!

Good Review

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