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Mitsubishi Lancer / Lancer EX 7th 2007-2017
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  • Production 1973 - 2017
  • Also known as Mitsubishi Grand Lancer
  • Mitsubishi Lancer is powered by a four cylindered turbo charged petrol engine that is mated to a CVT automated transmission system.
  • It returns close to 26/34 MPG city/freeway, but is sufficiently powered to provide the thrill of driving.
  • Mitsubishi Lancer sports seven airbags, cruise control, steering wheel mounted audio control and auxiliary audio jack for greater access to infotainment.

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Overall Rating

exterior 4.4
interior 3.1
engine performance 4.7
travelling performance 4.6
ride quality 3.9
fuel efficiency 3.0
Total 4.0

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  • Review by Japanese user
  • Jan 21, 2016
exterior 4.0
interior 3.0
engine performance 4.0
travelling performance 3.0
ride quality 3.0
fuel efficiency -
Total 3.4

The steering wheel is heavy

Rear looks cool, but the front is unique or well, odd…

Average. It doesn't have anything interesting but it is not bad.

<engine performance>
It is enough for daily use. The engine sounds a little loud.

I cannot feel its speed, so sometimes I am speeding without realizing it. The steering is heavy, and its turning circle is not small. It hurts my arms. It is annoying…

Average. It might be better if it was softer for passengers.

Good Review

Karl Joseph Reyes

exterior 5.0
interior 5.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 5.0
fuel efficiency 5.0
Total 5.0

2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Ex 1.6GLX M/T

2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Ex GLX
1st owned
Casa Maintained (MITSUBISHI Pasay)
43k mileage
1.6 MIVEC Engine (good condition changed oil freq.)
Fuel Efficient
Ending Plate "4"
Registered til 2017
Complete Papers
Open Deed of Sale
Pearl Black Color (makinis)
Keyless Entry
No accident history, not flooded may garahe
Power Windows
Power Lock
Ice Cold A/C
Touch Screen Head Unit
Replaced stock mags 16' with 18' GTA mags
Added Spoiler and Customize Chin and Side Skirt
Excellent Running Condition
Special Leather Interior Seat.
With ABS-CBN blackbox installed

Sta Mesa, Manila
RFS: up to SUV

Good Review

Review in

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Jun 10, 2015
exterior 5.0
interior 2.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 3.0
fuel efficiency 2.0
Total 3.7

Mitsubishi's last sports car

[Exterior] I liked it a lot.

[Interior] It is cheap-looking given the price, so I added synthetic leather myself.

[Engine Performance] I compared this aluminum engine with the previous 4G63, and there is no problem for a regular use.

[Driving Performance] It is stable even at high-speed cornering, but I think it had better increase the rear contact patch.

[Ride Quality] The pure chassis feels unreliable. I prefer a moderately tighter chassis.

[Fuel Consumption]
You should not expect too much from this car in terms of fuel efficiency. It still can get up to 10 km per liter sometimes.

Except for the interior, it is about the right price.

[General Comments]
Very nice car. I do not think there will ever be a car like this in the future.

Responses by the Mitsubishi customer service and the dealer were so awful that I decided to leave.

Good Review

Review in

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Jun 9, 2015
exterior 4.0
interior 3.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 3.0
Total 4.0

A late review

[Exterior] Initially it felt a little too stern, but now I feel comfortable with it.

[Interior] I did not expect much in this field, so it is just average.

[Engine Performance] It starts off so smoothly that it feels like an EV.

[Drive Performance] Even if I enter a curve with too much speed, it feels like it is being grabbed from above and turned. That is how well it turns.

Around my house, there are lots of ups and downs, so I was using the manual mode, but...
Recently I discovered that, if I change it to sports mode, even when it is full AT, it accelerates really well, with no need to switch to manual mode (yes, I only discovered that just now).

[Ride Quality] The bucket seat holds the driver so well that you can easily drive for long hours.

[Fuel Consumption] Around my house (with slopes), it makes 5 km/liter, and at urban areas, 7.8 km/liter.

[Price] Just average...

[General Comments] Sharp-model cars are becoming rare, so I want to drive this for a long time.

Good Review

Review in

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Apr 18, 2015
exterior 5.0
interior 2.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 5.0
Total 4.3


I think it is cool.

The minimum necessary.

[Engine Performance]
You can easily raise it to around 350HP by ECU tune.

Torque increases really lively from around 2,000 revolutions, and you can travel without any stress.

[Driving Performance]
The limit of the cornering speed is high!

If it becomes near to under inertia, do not brake, but accelerate!

It pulls by the front wheels, and the AYC make it curb while slipping.
(Dangerous behaviors were seen with the genuine tires, but not anymore after it changed to NEOVA's)

When I picked up a friend who drived the BMW M3, he got excited at the Lancer Evolution turning on while accelerating and slipping slightly from the beginning of the corner and said that it was a foul; lol.

And, though I dared to buy the SST, the quick and smooth shift change is impressive.

S-SPORT mode always keeps on just before the red zone,

I think that it is in such a degree of perfection that even professionals can never imitate with the MT.

[Ride Quality (genuine suspension)]
The genuine suspension is flexible and comfortable to ride in for the driving performance.
Because I set the vehicle height adjustment as to mine, it is hard.

[Fuel Efficiency]
It is splendid, too!

It is indeed less than 3km/L if I challenge the circuit,

I can stretch it out to 11km/L by careful driving if I cruise on the expressway. (SST Normal mode)

It means that appropriate fuel control is being made according to the drive type, sure!

The most inexpensive!

Such driving performance and utility in the everyday life at this price!

[General Comments]
In spite of such a strong focus on the driving performance, there will be none that is of this high level of utility in everyday life at the same time.

One would want the sporty run, and yet the utility, too.

And, they omit the parts that is not so important like the interior decoration and offer it at an affordable price.

I think that it is a well-balanced car that captures a definite need of the market.

If this car had been released from Toyota, Nissan, or BMW, I think it would have been sold explosively!

Good Review

Review in

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Apr 11, 2015
exterior 3.0
interior 3.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 1.0
Total 3.5

Final Evo!!

The final Evo was announced.

I reconfirmed whether the Evo VI or Evo VIIIMR was the most fun.

The Evo X is so heavy.

Starting the car was horrible.

It turns great but I think it would have been a greater car if it lost about 80kg.

If I drive it in the circuit, the fuel efficiency becomes 2~3km.

I did not feel the motor-like engine feeling in the Evo X.

Couldn't they do a little more on the design..

I cannot see that Mitsubishi is showing their best efforts.

I have the impression that the launch of the final Evo is also the result of a compromise.

Good bye Evolutions...

Good Review

Levi Yambao

  • Review by Levi Yambao
  • Sep 24, 2014
exterior 5.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 4.0
travelling performance 4.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 2.0
Total 3.8

Overall for me it is good, the exterior looks cool and sharp, the interior is good and average in its class. I am amused on the paddle shifters where you can shift gear by pressing it (either - on the left side and + on the right) it also comes on invex2. The sound system is good cause it is already setted up for good quality music.


18 inch rims
Climate control
Paddle shifters
Hid headlights
Cool backlight
Good looking
Looks cooler than all cars in its class
Responsive 2.0 (Mivec engine)
Fast car
Adjustable level of headlamps
High resale value
Auto detection on rains (wipers)
Keyless trunk

Bad fuel consumption (5-6 on city 7-10 hw. May vary)
Must always control your feet from accelerating cause it consumes a lot of gas
The interior is average looking
The body is heavy
Doors are hard to close
Slight bulkiness
Foglights are not HID (headlights does)
Sharp looking for carnappers
No auto lock for doors, must push the lock itself
No auto on windows when going up (driver's seat)

Good Review

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