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  • Production 1997 - present
  • Mitsubishi Adventure is powered by an inline four cylindered 2.7 L diesel engine, displacing 72 BHP, along with 105 ft lb of torque.
  • Adventure features double wishbone suspension up front, with a rigid axle leaf spring suspension on its rear end.
  • Reduced ride height prevents body roll, while a stiff chassis ensures greater performance and optimum utilization of power.

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Overall Rating

exterior 4.3
interior 4.3
engine performance 4.5
travelling performance 4.5
ride quality 4.3
fuel efficiency 4.3
Total 4.3

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Warren Arguelles

  • Review by Warren Arguelles
  • Sep 30, 2016
exterior 4.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 4.0
travelling performance 4.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 4.0
Total 4.0

Ang adventure ko na car

Ang aking sasakyan ay isa sa mga magandang uri ng sasakyan kaya ang ayos na ito ang binili ko kasi ang ganda nitong pang travel sa malalayong lugar. Kasi nga naman ang makina nito ay original din ang nilagay nito. Mabilis din naman ang pag takbo nito at ang tulin kahit nga naman rough road. Ang sarap din naman sakyan nito kasi ang komportable ko talaga at ang gasolina ay hindi rin naman gaano kalakas lumaklak ng gasolina ang to kaya ayos na ayos to pang byahi sa malalayong lugar kaya nag ayos at ang ganda ng aking mahal nasasakyan.

Good Review

Pjc Ville

  • Review by Pjc Ville
  • Mar 30, 2015
exterior 5.0
interior 5.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 5.0
fuel efficiency 5.0
Total 5.0


Easy ride.good car easy to use good for riding and go somewhere adventure is good for using go to other place because of fuel is not over.using adventure is the best.ang sarap maglakbay mahina kumain ng gasolina.pwede pang ipamasada.ang loob at labas maganda maayos.pulido ang pagkaka disenyo ng sasakyan

Not bad because it very good car no issue to use you will only ride and have a safe trip.wla naman issueo masamang lagay ang sasakyan na ito maayos.

Good Review1

Brent Follosco

  • Review by Brent Follosco
  • Feb 12, 2015
exterior 4.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 5.0
fuel efficiency 5.0
Total 4.7

A travel with Adventure


The mitsubishi adventure year 2007 model super sport is a good auv for a family. The auv's engine is efficient enough to travel from manila to tagaytay with only consuming quarter of the gas tank take note to adventure that we used is not in good condition so if we used a good one it can consume less diesel on your travel. The adventure can even surpass high elevation roads. The airconditioning unit of this automobile is good, it has various settings which can ease your travel. One setting is it can release air on your feet and in front of you. Another is, the car can block air coming from outside so you can't smell the bad odour of other diesel engines. In terms of its suspension, this car has a good suspension. When your riding it on a not so good road you will not get discomfortable. This car has an engine of 2.5 liters, this might sound a gas eater but actually this car is super efficient in terms of fuel efficiency. In terms of its controls, everything is accessible to the driver. The hazard lights is placed below the aircon output unlike in the old designs the hazard light is placed on the back of the steering wheel which is hard to reach in times of emergencies. The car has a door sensor which lets you know when there are door left unclosed, this feature is great because safety of the passengers are secured because sometimes unlocked doors is opening while your travelling and the passenger might get caught in accident when it happen. This car comes also with a sensor at the back so you can have a guide when your reversing. This feature is good because you can avoid hitting on something when reversing. The car has also power window which is a good thing because unlike on the other car the windows has rollers for you to open it. With this power window you will just oush the button and the windows goes down and up. The looks of this car is good, it comes with a good rims which compliments the whole body. The spare tire is place at the back of the car for more sporty looks. I'll recommend you to put carriers on top of the car to look more sporty.

The only bad thing about this car is its seats, unlike the gls and glx variants the last seat are facing front which consumes more space. In the gls and glx variants passengers on the last seat are facing each other.

Good Review1

Aaron Marcelo

  • Review by Aaron Marcelo
  • Sep 19, 2014
exterior 4.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 4.0
travelling performance 4.0
ride quality 3.0
fuel efficiency 3.0
Total 3.7


one of the best cars to use for business and family use, reliable and fuel efficient diesel engine, affordable and easy to maintain, lots of parts upgrades available and spare parts easily accessible, can be used for long trips without hassle. interior is good, also the exterior is good. for it's price yo should buy this one

nothing bad with this car, this one still runs after 16 years.

Good Review

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