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Official Price
  • Microsoft Xbox One P21,507.04($399.99)

Specs of Microsoft Xbox One


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Latest News

New Xbox One Elite Bundle announced

The new Xbox One Elite bundle and lunar white wireless controller promises to bring gaming experience to a whole new level.

Sep 3, 2015


Microsoft Corp. has announced its new model the Xbox One Elite Bundle, the first ever gaming console to have a 1TB SSDH (Solid state hybrid drive) built-in storage.
Along with its launching, the company also introduced the Xbox elite wireless controller not just for Xbox One but it can be used in Windows10 as well, this controller was specifically made for professional gamers
(sold seperately for $150)

Until now, Xbox One only came with a 500GB built-in Hard disk. those numbers where doubled along with future plans for the upcoming next Xbox 360.

the new gaming console's built-in storage is now an SSDH, a high-speed data processing is achieved compared to ordinary HDD storage.
Not only do you get a faster SSD, you get a 1TB storage capacity SSD. in other words, you can enjoy playing your games without having to worry about the memory capacity and data processing speed.

According to the official site, the built in SSHD in the new Xbox One has a learning function which for example can load frequently used games much faster. to what extent does this feature

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller


Accompanying the game console is the "Xbox Elite Wireless Controller" offering a wider variety of customization options than traditional Xbox One controller, such as adjustable Hair Trigger Locks, Interchangeable paddles, Xbox Accessories app and more.

The Xbox One Elite Bundle is expected to come out in 11/3 priced around $499
(P23,323 *Currency rate of 2015 Sept),
also, on a different blog a white Xbox One controller named "Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller" was said be released this month priced around $64.99 (P3,037).


Xbox One Elite Bundle & Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Images












About Microsoft Xbox One

Xbox One is setting the console gaming platform on fire

It has been almost 2 years since Xbox One hit the markets in November 2013. Despite suffering a slow start, Microsoft Xbox One picked up the pace in quiet recluse from publicity. Initially, Microsoft had intended the Xbox one to compete with Apple TV and Google TV for the title of the best all-in-one entertainment system.

Microsoft’s journey into console gaming

Microsoft entered the console gaming competition as a major player in November 2001, with their introduction of the Xbox. In its time, Xbox had been immensely popular in North and South America, and very quickly established itself and created its market for game titles, but most importantly; it gave Microsoft a new dimension to their already-expanding reach into personal entertainment.

Xbox One in Philippines

Console gamers in Philippines swear by the Xbox, ever since its introduction. There is little surprise in the hype that has been generated around the Xbox One in Philippines, for our Filipino brothers love a gaming console that is pocket-friendly in respect to the complete experience it gives to gamers overall.

Xbox One: Features and hardware specifications

Upon its release, Xbox One gave many features to gamers to completely merge home-entertainment and social gaming into one seamless, complete console experience. The Xbox One comes with the Microsoft Kinect 2 motion sensing device; has been made intuitive, almost precognitive.

Voice command activation and motion sensing allow the Xbox One to detect your presence and automatically start when you enter its sensory field. The Xbox One comes with the following hardware setup:

  • RAM - 8GB DDR3 clocking 2133MHz, bandwidth 68.2GB/s
  • Flash Memory - 8GB Flash memory
  • CPU - 8-core AMD Custom 1.75 GHz(2 quad-core Jaguar modules)
  • GPU - 853 MHz AMD Radeon GCN architecture with 768 Shader cores
  • Storage - 500GB HDD at 5400rpm, external HDD support available
  • Connectivity - Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n, Ethernet, 3× USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4 in/out, S/PDIF out, IR-out, Microsoft Kinect port
  • A/V channel - HDMI input and output (4K support)
  • Display - 4K (2160p), 1080p, and 720p
  • Sound - 7.1 surround sound
  • Media - Blu-ray, DVD, CD
  • Online social gaming - Xbox Live subscription
  • Cross Game Chat - Skype, Party Chat
  • Live Streaming - With Twitch.TV
  • Camera - 1080p Kinect 2 camera
  • Motion control and voice command - With Kinect 2
  • Cloud Storage - Yes
  • Networking - Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi (A/B/G/N dual-band at 2.4ghz and 5ghz) includes Wi-Fi Direct support

Latest updates and sales

With new-updated hardware and drives and a host of new features that Microsoft had promised earlier, Microsoft Xbox One is once again starting to create a buzz in the console gaming industry. The Xbox One will have backward compatibility to play Xbox 360 titles, free upgrades to Windows 10 OS with new multitasking features that can simultaneously play games, stream TV, and browse Internet in split-screen. The price of the Xbox One will start from PHP 26,500 (Philippine pesos).

Reviews of Microsoft Xbox One

User Review : 1Reviews

Design 4.0
Software 3.0
Operability 3.0
Quality of display 4.0
Size 3.0
Extendability 5.0
Total 3.7

Mico Joshua Baronia

Awesome Xbox is awesome

[Good] Starting the facts here that microsoft made a huge advantages since they released the first xbox one. It ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.7
  • Date : Nov 4, 2015
  • Review by Mico Joshua Baronia

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