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  • Production 1970 - present
  • Isuzu Forward is a line of medium duty trucks with 2 basic body design - standard and crew cab. Has a 6 Cylinder Inline OHC Diesel engine with 237 HP.
  • Transmission specs include 6 speed overdrive manual transmission and all-wheel-drive or 2-wheel-drive options.Has hydraulic control brakes with clutch booster.
  • Exterior includes radiator grille, multi-reflector head lamps, air dam bumpers and laminated windshield. With vinyl seats, it offers improved telematics.

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Overall Rating

exterior 4.5
interior 4.5
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 4.5
ride quality 4.5
fuel efficiency 4.5
Total 4.6

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  • Review by [lan_ce]
  • Jun 19, 2015
exterior 4.0
interior 4.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 4.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 4.0
Total 4.2

good performance

My Isuzu Forward was off great help to me as a newly starter small and medium businessman. it helps me a lot to do jobs like forwarding cargoes to customers. It makes our deliveries to delivered to our customers in volume easily. The truck also performs well, like us. :)

Good Review

Wilbert Locre

  • Review by Wilbert Locre
  • Mar 23, 2015
exterior 5.0
interior 5.0
engine performance 5.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 5.0
fuel efficiency 5.0
Total 5.0

[Good]- isuzu for me it is very good performance for long distance trvalling with more cargo. From engine, under chasis and also the form of isuzu is very simple. That's why isuzu forward i was choosing.

[Bad]- if ur not care the service, it becomes destroy or the other parts of isuzu was broken. So yuo need to bring the service to the autoshop for check - up, and also for running condition , so it cause lost of money.

Good Review

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