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Design 4.0
Usuability 2.0
Pre-heat time 5.0
Size 3.0
Total 3.5

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Joanna Isabelle Banawis

  • Review by Joanna Isabelle Banawis
  • Jan 30, 2015
Design 4.0
Usuability 2.0
Pre-heat time 5.0
Size 3.0
Total 3.5

Good Quality

The product is heating faster and the design is so cute. Easy to access and is really affordable. It has a good quality. eventhough sometimes it overheat. But i really love it.
The size of it is amazing also, it just fit my hand. I am enjoying using the product.
it sometimes overheat that cause me not to continue ironing. and the susability of it is poor. Sorry for that. Please improve it

Good Review

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