Nov 9, 2017

iPhone X teardown reveals dual batteries and an impossibly small motherboard

For those with a fascination for the internals of expensive smartphones, teardown videos of the iPhone X have come out revealing its secrets.

We've all heard of dual-camera phones by now, but how often do you hear about dual batteries? That's what we have with the iPhone X, according to a teardown of the new Apple flagship. A Chinese teardown video reveals the insides of the iPhone X, and among them are two smaller batteries instead of the usual single big battery. It's not a feature that Apple marketed (and rightly so), but it's an interesting design choice, to say the least.

iPhone X teardown

The use of the two battery cells was probably done to allow Apple to squeeze in more components in the smaller frame of the iPhone X. Before the release of the iPhone X, there were plenty of rumors that Apple would be using an L-shaped battery, and while things didn't quite turn out that way, the rumor of an unusual battery design was spot-on.

Apple actually used a lot of space-saving techniques in engineering the iPhone X, including the use of a very small motherboard, which was done by using a logic board sandwich technique. Apple soldered two smaller boards on top of each other with a spacer in between, resulting in a board that is only 70% of the size of its predecessor on the iPhone 8 Plus.

The repair firm iFixit, which is known for posting detailed teardown tutorials for various smartphones, has also confirmed the contents of the Chinese video, which some people were skeptical about. iFixit notes that the iPhone X is so crammed with components that the Apple Watch actually has more "bard board" space on its logic boards than the iPhone X.

A large number of components found on the iPhone X's tiny motherboard include the A11 chip, an audio codec, an amplifier, a power management circuit, the WiFi and Bluetooth modules and the LTE radio.

Overall, the iPhone X scored a 6/10 in repairability from iFixit, owing to its copious use of adhesives to waterproof the device, along with a very complex cable management system inside the phone, which greatly complicates putting the device back together.

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