Nov 10, 2017

iPhone X 4K video recording better than PHP 100,000-worth DSLR camera?

Who would have thought that a day would come where a person can record a video with DSLR-like quality with an iPhone. This was shown by Fstoppers, a photography blog channel which pitted the iPhone X camera against the high-end Lumix GH5 mirrorless camera for video recording. The color vibrancy and contrast of the iPhone X was met with praise as it faces head-on a professional camera.

Of late, smartphone manufacturers have been throwing their weight in improving the cameras with every generation. It is happening so fast that, one may wonder, just when did smartphone devices start to have such great cameras? Some can even give the higher-end DSLRs a run for their money. Example to that is the recently released iPhone X which fared impressively against the Panasonic Lumix GH5 mirrorless camera, although the test was only conducted for 4K video quality.

Photography blogger Lee Morris of Fstoppers put the video prowess of the iPhone X to test, comparing it with the Panasonic Lumix GH5, which the blogger said is the best they have currently. For a reminder, the Lumix GH 5 is a mirrorless camera retailing at close to USD 2,000. (Around PHP 100,000).

According to Morris, they have used older models of iPhones to good effect in shooting 4K videos. As a matter of fact, he recorded a video with an older iPhone model recently, and that video is currently being aired as a commercial. This just shows how good the video quality of the iPhone's camera is, but, the video photography experience of the iPhone X has gone several notches higher thanks to the massive improvement in the iPhone X's camera specs.

Although the iPhone X features the same 12MP sensor as of the iPhone 8 Plus, the upgrades in the other areas are quite significant. The new iPhone X's camera now possesses a faster telephoto lens with f/2.4 aperture against the f/2.8 aperture on the iPhone 8 Plus. The camera of the iPhone X is also laced with optical image stabilization (OIS) on the telephoto lens, unlike the iPhone 8 Plus.

Aided by these improvisations, the iPhone X camera showed results in most cases on par with the GH5 and in some cases better than what were expected, especially in the case of color vibrancy and contrast in different environments.

The iPhone X also scored over the GH5 in terms of zooming in a subject via digital zoom of the telephoto lens. If not, better or on par, the iPhone X performed remarkably in daylight and slow-motion videography versus the GH5. However, the GH5 held its ground when it came to the video stabilization and low-light shoot.

In case you are interested, here is the full video that gives you a comprehensive understanding of the video recording competence of the iPhone X, well explained by the side-by-side comparison shots in the video.

iPhone X 4K Video VS Professional Video Camera

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