Apple iPad mini 3 WiFi+Cellular 16GB Reviews

Apple iPad mini 3 WiFi+Cellular 16GB

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Apple iPad mini 3 WiFi+Cellular is a 16GB of storage, LTE wireless communication, have fingerprint identity sensor, 7.9inch(2048 x 1536), iOS 8 of Processor, includes Apple SIM to U.S. and UK only.
  • Release date : Oct 2014
  • iOS 8.1
  • 7.9 inches, 2048 x 1536
  • 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), 16GB, 1GB ... more specs
Apple iPad mini 3 WiFi+Cellular 16GB
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Overall Rating

Design 4.3
Processing Speed 4.3
Operability 4.3
Portability 4.0
Battery 4.3
Display 4.7
Total 4.3

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Armanda Serrano

  • Review by Armanda Serrano
  • Oct 21, 2016
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Operability 4.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 4.0
Display 5.0
Total 4.3

my good tablet iPad !

My tablet apple iPad mini 3 is the most beautiful and popular tablet, the design and display of it is very social type of tablet and I love it the most. The nice on it was the processing speed was work very fast so I can download music or video on this phone so much great to have it. Easy for me to used this table. Has a very long long life so much great and this tablet is very durable and very worth it to used it.

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  • Review by Japanese user
  • Apr 11, 2015
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Operability 4.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 4.0
Display 4.0
Total 4.0

The stability is great.

I never get tired of the sophisticated design.

[Processing Speed]
I have a first generation mini, so I compared both of the devices on iOS 8.x. As a whole, it works well.

[Input function]
I input with both hands, but no problem occurred.

I thought a great deal about portability, so I chose a mini 3.
The weight isn't a big difference from the 7-inch, so I didn't notice much.

It lasts longer than I expected.
I left it from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, but the battery level remained at 100%.
When playing a streaming movie in HD image quality for 60 minutes, it was not decreased drastically, so I did not need to charge it.

I compared it with the first generation.
It became easier to see and more beautiful, and much easier to watch action movies.

[Built-in Apps]
The standard apps are included.

[General Comments]
As I have an iPhone 6 by Docomo as my mainline, so I chose this model because I could share data plans.
Since I am sharing 10Gb, I have a lot of data available.
The same can be said about iPhone, but the iPad gives me a sense of security that Android devices do not.
I have never even rebooted since I upgraded the OS, you see?

If I have one complaint is about the Wi-Fi: I connect my iPhone with 5MHz and can get at least 250Mb with both downstream and upstream, but with iPad, it is just under 100Mb, I think.

By the way, with my PC connected to a LAN cable connection, my speeds exceeds 600Mb.

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Iggy F.

  • Review by Iggy F.
  • Dec 9, 2014
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Operability 5.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 5.0
Display 5.0
Total 4.7

Mini 3 iPad

My iPad mini 3 is both wifi and 3G functions with 16gb memory, only small one because I need only tablets for personal used just like Facebook and a little but research but most of the time I enjoy using my iPad for my games and for some application that I need like using it in skype , since it has very clear front cam , high resolution., iPad mini new is the top of the tablet I've ever known when it comes to the high technology , A larger screen display for iPad , and also the iOs that they used is already updated , ..But the price is so expensive..

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