Acer Aspire Predator G3620 Reviews

Acer Aspire Predator G3620

Expected Price P62,500
Predator G Series delivers extreme gaming power, and aggressive design.
  • Core i7, 3.4GHz
Acer Aspire Predator G3620

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Overall Rating

Design 4.3
Processing Speed 4.3
Graphics 4.7
Expandability 4.7
Usability 5.0
Quietness 4.3
Attached Software 4.3
Total 4.5

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  • Review by zMaLL89
  • Mar 20, 2015
Design 3.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 5.0
Expandability 5.0
Usability 5.0
Quietness 4.0
Attached Software 4.0
Total 4.3

Acer predator

Too High gamings quality , the graphics capacity of my acer predator cpu is excellent, it can be more compatible any games or editing for adobe , you can do lots of things using this computer, though its still windows 7 program but still a good computer to use , durable and usable that is more important to me,. Why I said that this computer is good for games like online or any games because it can carry bigger amount of memory since it has maximum of 1TB , seriously this one is the best ,cheaper and extreme when it comes to the usability..

Good Review


  • Review by JohnNiNerisa
  • Dec 24, 2013
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 5.0
Quietness 5.0
Attached Software 4.0
Total 4.4

Verry Nice

I Love using this Machine :) Simply and Pretty for Me ^_^ Good For Gaming :) Good Design and The Unit itself is so amazing :) Price is worth it Prefer this to my friends and schoolmates :P
Design is stunning and Model The Rig depends on your build up and specs having compatible models together can bring you most beautiful results ^_^ Cooling system the External features and the Motherboard Combo , vents and Package is Good Price for Gaming Desktop Specs

Good Review


  • Review by JasP.
  • Dec 5, 2013
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Graphics 5.0
Expandability 5.0
Usability 5.0
Quietness 4.0
Attached Software 5.0
Total 4.9

Predator design

Naka Core i7 na processor na itong Acer Aspire Predator kaya maganda siyang desktop good for gaming ,tapos meron siyang predator design na medyo macho ang dating compared sa mga desktop design. Mabilis ang processor nito for gaming meron siyang 3.4GHz hi-speed processor at makaka pag install ka rin ng maraming games ,dahil sa big inner space ng memory storage nito.Super sulit gamitin nito dahil sa multi tasking na performance nito na pwedeng-pwedeng gamiitn sa mga heavy programs.At meron ding magandang graphics processor para sa full-movies.

Good Review

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