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K56 series delivers sleek and elegant design, nad has developed a range of instant functions.
  • Color:
    • Gray
  • Notebook, 15inch
  • Core i7, 3537U, 2.0GHz
  • 8GB, 1TB more specs
ASUS K56CB-XX274H Reviews 4.5 (4 Reviews)
FD36F80080A4DB73C26926D58D4E28D4 Good Review Latest yung software at OS nito kaso parang hindi okay na naka windows 8 tapos hindi touchscreen , mas mahirap kasi, pero more
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tonyax I am planning to buy a laptop basically for graphics,3d and rendering use. I just want to ask whats the best laptop brand? Yung more

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Overall Rating

Design K56CB-XX274H Design Review 4.3
Processing Speed K56CB-XX274H Processing Speed Review 5.0
Graphics K56CB-XX274H Graphics Review 4.3
Expandability K56CB-XX274H Expandability Review 4.3
Usability K56CB-XX274H Usability Review 4.8
Portability K56CB-XX274H Portability Review 4.3
Battery K56CB-XX274H Battery Review 4.3
Display K56CB-XX274H Display Review 4.8
Total K56CB-XX274H Review 4.5

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  • Review by MoOncAL
  • Jul 22, 2014
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 4.0
Display 4.0
Total 4.1

2.0 Ghz

Latest yung software at OS nito kaso parang hindi okay na naka windows 8 tapos hindi touchscreen , mas mahirap kasi, pero wala akog masabe sa processor naman mabilis kasi core i7 tsaka 2.0 Ghz mabilis na talaga, useful sa lahat pag ganito ka bilis yung processor..

Good Review1

Richard Tacsan

  • Review by Richard Tacsan
  • Jun 19, 2014
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 5.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 4.0
Display 5.0
Total 4.6

Pro Asus laptop

Windows 8 Pro ang laptop nato, intel core i7 processor,pinagsama talaga yung dalawang gusto ko kaya kontento na ako sa laptop nato,,portable and convenient gamitin kasi magaan, manipis tska ang cute ng design simple lang talaga..hindi hassle para saken..

Good Review1

Rina Ballesteros

  • Review by Rina Ballesteros
  • Dec 9, 2013
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 5.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 4.0
Display 5.0
Total 4.4

Ability aspect

Yung ability ang isang aspeto ng laptop na ito na sobrang pinagmamalaki ko.Pero hindi affordable ang price na ibinibigayh nito, dahisa kamahalan. Pero sulit naman ang service na ibinibigay nito ,dahil Gumagamit pa rin ito ng heavy technology para makapag provide ito ng magandang performance na may optimal results. Kung madalas ka mang umaalis or nasa trip at kailangan mo ng laptop, itong ASUS K56CB ang bagay sayo. Matibay ito, solid yung casing nito para sure na safe yung mga contents ng laptop. Tapos yung stylish na design sleek ng laptop na ito eh siguradong eye catching.

Good Review1

Ericka Gratula

  • Review by Ericka Gratula
  • Dec 3, 2013
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Graphics 5.0
Expandability 5.0
Usability 5.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 5.0
Display 5.0
Total 4.8


"i've been using this ASUS K56CB laptop for 5 months,the price is 40,000 php as of september .

This ASUS notebook performance quality is a bit better compared to my old MSI laptop which is already broken.

In terms of laptop..,this is good to use as multi task and entertainment such as movies,videos,web browsing,musics,communication..,it can be use for heavy programs as well.


>fast internet
>large capacity memory storage(capable to save many files and media)
>very useful
>it produce beautiful graphics for full-movies and hardcore games
>it has connections for bluetooth ,HDMI port,USB2.0 port
>smoothly resposive keyboard
>sufficient battery life


>diffult to carry because of its heavy weight(2.6Kg)
>no port for USB 3.0
>a bit expenssive price
>A bit reddish pictures(it can be adjusted using the brigthness setting)"

Good Review

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