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Design 3.5
Buttons 4.0
Wind power 4.5
Quietness 4.0
breeze 4.5
Size 3.5
Total 4.0

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Arnold Reyes

  • Review by Arnold Reyes
  • Apr 27, 2016
Design 5.0
Buttons 5.0
Wind power 5.0
Quietness 5.0
breeze 5.0
Size 5.0
Total 5.0

3d fan

Good because it is not bad and it is effective to use you can use it directly where ever you are and it is interisting becahse of new features it has a great desinv and it is Good loooking
.it is not horrible it is nice it has a 3d air fans where you can really feel an air just like the true air or fresh air from the nature or from the wind breeze frim the sea and it releases a cold due to its 3d blade that is nice made.
It does not produces annoying sound.

Not at all.

Good Review


  • Review by Ezqwerty0417
  • Sep 7, 2015
Design 2.0
Buttons 3.0
Wind power 4.0
Quietness 3.0
breeze 4.0
Size 2.0
Total 3.0

Overall i love it!!!!

[Good] the wind power is strong. I love it. I would buy it again if i could. Good design also. Good color combination. We all love it. Good job 3d! The best fan so far. Awesome! I can not fin another fan like this. This is the only stand fan for me! The best in the world. I love it so much.

It is noisy. Sometimes i can not sleep because of the sound it makes. It is short. It can ot reach the top part of my double deck bed.

Good Review

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